The Smart-watch War: Apple iWatch vs Pebble Time

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Pebble, the first company to create the idea of a smart-watch, is back again with a new smart-watch. It’s features are more advanced than its previous two watches, and is already being touted as a major competition to the Apple Watch.

The first Pebble watch was launched almost three years ago on the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter. The company’s first development project, Pebble Time, raised more than $10 million, followed by the Pebble Steel. Today, the company is back again on Kickstarter for financing their latest Pebble smart-watch, the Pebble Time.

The Pebble Time is already set to be shipped to Kickstarter backers by May with a price tag of $159, while the retail price of the product will be around $199.

Of course, the Pebble Time is already being compared Apple iWatch as everyone is curious if it will be able to hold up against the competition from such a major brand? Let’s take a deeper look.

Style and Design

The Pebble Time includes a combination of plastic and steel design. The rectangular watch face will have a curvy exterior with steel bezels, and the silicone watch straps will be removable so as to offer a higher degree of customization. The watch comes in three colors: red, black and white.

Both the Pebble Time and the Apple Watch are waterproof up to various degrees and depths of water. While the Apple Watch is good for running with in the rain or doing the dishes, the Pebble Time will be waterproof up to 5 ATM. It has been tested for both freshwater and saltwater and therefore you can take it for a swim in the sea as long as you stay above 50 meters.

Battery Life

There is still no word from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, as to how long the Apple Watch will hold up on a full battery charge. Based on the various comments made by Mr. Cook, the Apple Watch will contain a battery back-up for one to two days at most.

The Pebble Time will be wiping the floor on this count with its stated battery back-up capability of one week. This is mainly due to the fact that Apple Watch has chosen to go for a flashier Retina display with Sapphire glass. Effectively, this means that the screen will drain the life out of the battery.

The Pebble Time has opted to go for an e-paper display with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This will give the Pebble a much longer battery life. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this is first time that Pebble has opted to go with a e-color, always-on display, unlike its first smart-watch as well as the Steel Watch, which had strictly black-and-white displays.

One feature which will be available on the Apple Watch will be wireless recharging, something not offered on the Pebble Time.

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  • YoniBaloni says:

    I want to like the Apple watch but its just too expensive and look to childish. When would i ever need to send some my heartbeat? I find the Android wear watches like the Moto 360 to look much nicer and have much more functionality like the “OK Google” voice command, which is absent on the Apple watch. Maybe next time Apple.

  • YoniBaloni says:

    I want to like this watch but its just to expensive and childish. When will I ever need to send someone my heart rate? Android wear watches like the Moto 360 look much nicer in my opinion.

  • xSentaru says:

    I really wouldn’t want to purchase an item like this. The battery life is poor, and it isn’t really that practical for people who already have handheld Apple products. Like really, over 300 bucks for this? Ridiculous price. Not only that, but it isn’t really a groundbreaking item with no WOW factors or features.

    Go Pebble!

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