Review: Aukey Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver

Aukey Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver

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The best part of Aukey Portable Bluetooth Receiver is that it comes in a small size to easily and subtly fit in almost all cars. It is a feature-rich device compared to several similar products. It works perfectly with Android Voice and Apple Siri voice assistants remotely.

One major drawback with the product is that it comes without any internal battery. This mean every time you need to use it, you have to keep it plugged into the car. It also requires an auxiliary input for the stereo of the car.

Price wise it is not expensive. The gadget is priced at just $29.99 and is available through online marketplace such as Amazon.

In terms of design, the Aukey Portable Bluetooth is cute and simple, circular and black, equipped with a permanently attached wire for audio and power connections.

The gadget measures about 2 inches in diameter and is one inch in height. The external wire is about 3 feet long and splits for power and audio segregation. It also comes with a two-port USB adapter to plug into a 12-volt power point.

The Aukey Bluetooth is mountable with the support of a magnetic back. Mounting and detaching is easy and simple.

If the upper part of the device is twisted, it helps to turn tye volume up or down. Siri and other voice assistant can be activated by pushing the center button down and thereafter holding it.

As a whole, the gadget is worth buying. It has great value for the money.

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  • Diane Lane says:

    It certainly looks cute, and is small enough to take everywhere. The fact that it doesn’t have an internal battery is a definite downside, as well as having to keep the button depressed to use the voice assistant, and those would probably put me off enough to look for a different product. Maybe in future versions, these issues will be addressed.

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