Canary Smart Home Security Device Review

canary smart home security review

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6 Overall

The best thing about the Canary smart home security device is that it is packed with solid hardware. It offers impressive video quality and let’s not forget its highly detailed night vision mode. A quick googling of its overall ranking resulted with pages that ranked the device between a 6 and 7 in terms of features, usability, design and performance.

The device is priced around $250 and without any monthly fees. It promises to stand guard over your living room and send alerts to homeowners via their iOS or Android device.

The Canary smart home device rivals with other devices such as the iSmartAlarm’s iCamera ‘Keep and Piper NV’ which stands tall, giving some tough competition to the Canary device. The Canary gadget is a walled-off device and currently supports no third-party compatibility unlike the iSmartAlarm which smoothly syncs by way of its IFTTT channel.

The Canary device is a good-looking gadget. It is slick and cylindrical. It looks modern and comes in three colors – grey, black and white. It sports a 1080p night-vision camera and motion sensor. The device also comes with a privacy mode that knows when the camera should go to sleep, essentially stopping all video and audio recording. However, its over-sensitive motion sensor offers a somewhat problematic situation as you might have already guessed.


  • xSentaru says:

    Useful tool for an security maniac! Also, I love the design of the device, good-looking as you stated and very sneaky, I might add! On another thought, I feel like they need to improve their app. I see no “Bust open the FBI agents in your garage/release the poisonous gas” option, haha.

  • Diane Lane says:

    I kind of like the walled-off approach, and definitely approve of night vision and motion sensor technology. This sounds like a good starting place for me to research some products in this line, for eventual purchase. The ranking sounds decent, is that out of 10?

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