5 Sites To Watch Movies Online For Free

I am a movie freak. Believe me. I watch at least 10 movies every month. Just a year ago, I was watching at least one movie every day. Every goddamn day! You can say that I was addicted to watching movies, but I had a bigger problem. It was really troublesome and time-consuming to find a movie, download it, and then watch it. And if I ever my HDD went out of space (I use the 500 GB HD on iMac), I had to delete the movies. So much work to watch one darn movie.

Now, things are different. I now use online services to watch movies for free. The quality of movies is decent, and if you have a decent Internet connection, there would be no lags. So here are 5 websites to watch movies online for free.

But before that, watch this quick video by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

1. YouTube Movies

watch movies online

YouTube is the best legal way to watch movies for free online. YouTube serves movies in many languages, and sots them in well laid genres.

2. Bmovies

watch movies online

Here you’ll find hundreds of free b movies to watch, that have been lost in the wasteland of forgotten film cinema aka old movies.

3. 10StarMovies

watch movies online

10StarMovies enables you to Watch Movies without any software download and by streaming video files online for free. Registration is optional. Large collection of Online Movies, Celebrity Profiles, documentaries, download movies and more.

4. The Only Device

watch movies online

The Only Device is a less-than-legal way to watch latest movies online. For newer movies, the quality is not so good.

5. FreeFullMovies

watch movies online

Again, a less than legal way to watch new movies online. Quality is not so good for latest flicks.

19 thoughts on “5 Sites To Watch Movies Online For Free

  1. I don’t see why anyone would prefer this. Streaming quality can’t always be the best… personally torrenting fits my needs well. But I guess if you’re on the go, this wouldn’t be a bad option. Do they tend to have current movies, or mainly just older ones?

    • Hi Justin

      They do have newer movies, but as expected, the quality is CAM-Rip. But they do get higher quality streams as and when they appear. This is usually the same time that the higher quality rips start appearing on torrents.


  2. yay finally good sites to view movies i have loved this blog the most . it give this site 10 on 10 stars for such valuable posts free full movies is just great it has all the new movies and have a goo buffering as well . so just thanks

  3. I want to watch movies online for free, but every site i try only has clips or trailers of the movie. Does anyone know any site that you can watch full length movies online, for Free

  4. Which of these sites have downloadable movies in a MP4 format that can be watched with a Juice app on Roku? I am a newbie to Roku and am just trying to figure it all out. Love your site! Maybe you can help me get my movie fix off of my android and on to the big square box in my living room.

  5. watch32.com bullshit sign ups no credit card and you can stream from your Android as long as you have Adobe Flash Player

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