Wiith App Lets You Find Someone to Hang Out With When You’re Feeling Lonely

Wiith App Lets You Find Someone to Hang Out With When You're Feeling Lonely
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Wanna go out? No one to go out with? Don’t be sad.

Here’s an app that’ll help you find random people to hang out with.
Just because you feel the urge to find someone to go out with doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking for a date.

Some people just simply want to hang out and find new friends. And the San Francisco-based makers of an app called Wiith had exactly that in mind when they decided to create this unique application that lets users find someone to go out and hang out with at events.

Although looking for complete strangers to hang out with might seem like it’s a little desperate, Wiith was designed to do exactly just that.

Dubbed as the ‘Tinder for friends’, the app works almost exactly like the dating app, except that users who get on it are looking for people to hangout with rather than date.

Others see the app as a cross between Meetup and Tinder apps — sans the dating — where users are given the ability to create events as well as look for events near the area where they’re at that they maybe interested in joining.

Apart from letting users find new friends and create and search for events around them, Wiith is also equipped with a feature that shows the ‘reliability rating’ of a user, which tells if the user actually shows up at events, or if they’re just trying to waste other people’s time.

Wiith developers Gentian Edwards and Jeff Hodnet said they saw the need for the app when they were still new to San Francisco and couldn’t find anyone to hang out with in their area.

It wasn’t too long ago when it was found that many of the users on popular dating app Tinder are actually already committed, with some either confessing or using the excuse that they just wanted to get on the app to check who’s on it.

Now that there’s actually an app that lets people find new friends instead of lovers, perhaps many of these faux Tinder users would want to switch to an app that was created specifically for those who just want to check out who’s in the neighborhood, without the romantic pressure that comes along apps like Tinder.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Ms. Edwards told: “I wanted to build Wiith to solve a problem of meeting new people that I found.”

Mr. Hodnet added: “We think Wiith is a lot more spontaneous than Meetup, along with not having the dating stigma of Tinder.”

Wiith is free for download on iOS devices, and currently has about 1,000 members.


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