Latest Clash of Clans Update Means Less Cheaters

Latest Clash of Clans Update Means Lesser Cheaters
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The latest Clash of Clans update addresses the ‘trophy dumping’ in the game which players sometimes (if not most of the time) use as a loophole to prey on CoC newbies.

And that’s probably why some avid CoC fanatics opted to miss out on this important update.

In the latest update, Supercell made a few changes to the game’s multiplayer algorithms in a bid to address the rampant ‘trophy dumping’ in the game. CoC fanatics have been dumping their trophies so they would be allowed to make attacks on levels lower than they’re supposedly on, for purposes of preying on Clash of Clans newbies who couldn’t match up to their gaming skills on the platform.

According to a Supercell staff member named Marika, the latest update aims to protect CoC newbies from game veterans preying on them. She told:

“It is a constant goal of ours to better motivate and incentivize players to attack opponents at their level of skill and progress. League Bonuses and Town Hall loot penalties have helped in this regard, but to improve the situation further still, we’ve gone straight to the multiplayer matchmaking algorithms. Now, matchmaking will pay special attention to the Town Hall level of a player going to attack, and will look for targets that are at a similar Trophy count AS WELL as at a similar Town Hall level. For example, a player at Town Hall level 9 in the Bronze league will be very likely to find opponents at Town Hall levels 8-10 who are also in the Bronze league.”

In this latest update, Clash of Clan gamers who are already in town hall level 9 but opt to dump their trophies until they are in a lower Bronze league will no longer be able to prey on the game’s less-skilled newbies. Instead, they will be likely matched with other CoC gamers who opted to do the same thing they did: dumped trophies and went back down to the Bronze league. This would mean that it would be harder for them to find opponents they can so easily beat.

Supercell says this is how they intend to even out the Clash of Clans playing field.

Meanwhile, a previously released update for CoC allows users to now change the name they go by on the game, which is more commonly known as the gamer tag. Prior to this update, CoC gamers were stuck with the funny names they initially signed up with in the game.

Apart from these, Supercell also revealed three more updates to the popular game, including an air sweeper for defense improvements, a feature that alerts clan members when settings for their clan have been changed, and a feature that gives gamers the ability to ‘bookmark’ up to 30 of the clans that they’d like to keep an eye on.

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