Apple Watches Are so Easy to Steal

Apple Watches Are so Easy to Steal
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It looks like the Apple Watch is just as problematic as it is popular.

When the most-coveted smartwatch was first launched Apple fanatics were surprised to find out that the high-tech watch they’ve all been waiting for has sold out even before it hit the shelves.

Meanwhile, some of the very few who managed to get their hands on the recently launched gadget also found themselves surprised, when it was found the Apple Watches don’t work on tattooed skin.

Now another problem appears to have come forth, as users complain that Apple’s smartwatch doesn’t appear to be as secure as it first seemed, or as consumers expected it to be.

Numerous Apple Watch users were surprised to know that wiping the data clean off the smartwatch can be done as easily as holding down the power button and resetting the device completely— overriding the smartwatch’s password in the process.

Apple Watch’s security fail is a far cry from the iPhone’s security feature, which lets users require passwords for anything they want to get done on the smartphone. The data on Apple’s iPhones can be wiped clean remotely, and users are in many ways protected by the device’s Find My iPhone security feature.

iPhone users can simply deactivate their phones to prevent anyone from using it, rendering the device virtually useless to anyone who dares steal it.

The iPhone’s security feature is so effective that local authorities in San Francisco saw a 40% drop in theft cases related to Apple’s smartphones from last year alone, as compared to iPhone theft incidents in 2013.

Law enforcement agencies have also come to recognize that the iOS’ new security feature reduces risk of iDevices-related thefts.

The Apple Watch, on the other hand, has very low security. Even though the device can be equipped with a password, this type of security measure is just far from what tech users would call secure.

For reasons yet unknown, Apple has decided not to equip their first-ever smartwatches with the added security measures that the company has long used to protect their iPhone users— but analysts reckon it could be because the Apple Watch does not really connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks on its own.

Instead, the watch connects to the user’s iPhone via Bluetooth, and all the data that the Apple Watch receives are completely dependent on the data that the iPhone sends it.

If the user’s iPhone is not connected to the internet, inevitably, so is the Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, Apple chose to stay mum amid all the problems that their first-ever smartwatch has apparently been giving its users.

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