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Yesterday,  I came across a rather unusual set of infographics on Kickstarter. Normally, an infographic will portray something beneficial to our health, knowledge, etc. in the form of graphs, charts, and attention-grabbing data. Not this time.

Donal O’Conghaile teamed up with graphic designers and set out to create an infographic that reminds you to do better, think smarter, and save time… in the bathroom! Yep, you heard me right. While there’s not a whole lot you can do while sitting on the pot, you can have a complete 4 minute workout while brushing your teeth. I’m pretty sure there is a new app that went viral the other day on producthunt.com with that same idea in mind. I think it’s called…wait for it… ‘4 Minute Workout’.

Anyway, the whole point of this infographic is that you waste THREE years of your life in the bathroom! If I would have known about that three years ago, I would have been dumping vinegar and dish soap in my shower ages ago. I must say, though, I do feel pretty proud of having the ‘Four Products to Always Have in Your Home’. Can I add one more to the list? Coconut oil (hair, body, cooking – look it up).

Here’s the first infographic, “Be Better In The Bathroom” by Donal which is currently in the fundraising stage. You can checkout more information here.

Bathroom Poster Life Hacks

Donal O’Conghaile

Now that we’ve accomplished all that needs to be done in the bathroom, let’s move on to our sleeping habits. Do you get enough sleep? I hope so, because according to this next infographic, sleep makes you happier, healthier, and smarter. But, did you know that it also makes you nicer… and prettier?

I find it interesting that I am writing up this post right before falling asleep and the first thing I notice is the little computer screen icon reminding me to ‘avoid the light’. I really need to have this infographic hanging over my bed because I will just never get it right! Oh, and never mind the little midnight snack I just had! That is NOT allowed, folks!

After reading this, I hope you all are preparing yourselves for bed time, and not reading this while laying in bed. Remember, your bed is SACRED, and should only be used for two things. One of which I think I missed out on tonight by being up waaaay too late. Sorry honey.

For those of you who are having trouble falling asleep, counting sheep really does work. But, if you’re actually seeing sheep in your head, you’re probably drunk. In which case, that too, is not allowed before bed.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to chronologically retrace my day and practice progressive muscle relaxation. Meanwhile, feel free to checkout the rest of Donal’s second infographic, ‘How to Fall Asleep”.

Sleep Poster

Donal O’Conghaile



  • bellak0 says:

    I just love looking at infographics (they’re just so cute!)… but in any case, all those bathroom tips would have been pretty useful if I had known of them earlier. Who knows how toned my legs would be after all those leg workouts?! And the deodorant one is amazing! I think I’m going to try out that one as soon as I can. Although, I did already know some of them, like that “sticking the small soap piece onto the large one”. I always thought that was common sense, but hey, you never know! The sleep infographic was super informative, too, as I get waaay too little sleep, and I always have trouble falling asleep. I’m always on my phone before bed, so this is probably one of the reasons that I can’t sleep. It’s all that artificial blue light. *shudders* By the way, the middle section of this post made me LOL. Keep up the good work, and remember to get some sleep!

    • Jessica Erdman says:

      Glad you find this post comical! Somehow when the clocks starts ticking after midnight, my brain gets a little goofy. It’s probably my brain’s way of saying, “GO TO BED!”

  • Neng says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for the tips. Infographics are deilnitefy a great tool for marketers. I designed my first infographic for work and got pretty excited doing it. Unfortunately we only get to use it on our intranet so it won’t get as much exposure as I would have liked.I like using Illustrator too, there is just no other tool that offers so much flexibility and precision.

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