When Is the Internet Awake? [Infographic]

Answer: 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. That’s when the largest number of people in the world are likely awake and on their computers accessing the Internet, according to designer Bård Edlund. How he arrived at that conclusion is in many ways more intriguing than the conclusion itself.

With a world clock, that he created, Edlund animates the probability that the Internet is awake or asleep in 25 countries at any given moment of the day.

The circles above are sized according to the number of broadband subscribers in each country, as measured December 2009 – June 2011. China has around 117 million, the United States more than 83 million, and Romania at the bottom of this list has nearly 3 million subscribers. A single subscription may serve more than a single user.

The day and night circles at the top are totals which change hour by hour depending on who’s awake and who’s asleep – obviously rendered in broad strokes. The further a circle is to the left, the more certain it is that most citizens in the country it represents are awake. The opposite is true for the right/night side.

If you’re wondering when to tweet your most brilliant thoughts in order to maximize International exposure, it looks like 9am EST or thereabouts is a pretty good bet! Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone awake would read your tweet.

When Is the Internet Awake?


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  • Naiwen X says:

    Course, it doth not or most evidently not? I mean, why should someone read it if or just in case your tweet interesting or curious?

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