Make Your Internet Time More Productive with These 5 Websites

Benjamin Franklin once said that time is money. Nobody can make a better correlation, which can explain the true value of time. However, it’s commonly seen that people don’t use their free time properly. Despite having the opportunity to access unlimited amount of knowledge through the internet, they usually use it for only entertainment or sometimes sleazy purposes. In this article, you would find information on how you can spend your time on the internet in a productive manner.



This website is owned by the Discovery Communications and has won many awards for the easy to understand, reliable and unbiased explanation it provides, while explaining how some things work. The scientific and systematic explanation you get from the website is a nice way to educate yourself about the actual workings of various things belonging to different subjects.



This blog recommends you about various software and other downloads, which can help you immensely in improving your personal productivity while operating various tech devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, etc.

Khan Academy

This is a place where you would get free education about all the topics available on this website. The resources you get access to in this website are completely free forever, no matter whether you are a student, teacher, or some other professional.

Creative Writing Now

There are many online courses available on this website that tell you how to write novels, poems, stories, etc. It’s a nice place to visit if you have the desire to express your feelings in words, so that others can appreciate it. Find a professional writer in you by visiting this site.

This is the fastest way to improve your vocabulary in English language. The method followed by this website is filled with fun, which further makes it easy for you to learn.


Next time when you are looking to pass some time on internet and want to do some interesting and productive thing, you must visit the sites mentioned above. Are there any other websites you find very productive? Let us know in the comments.


  • YoniBaloni says:

    These are some useful websites, I especially like, great way to learn new words.

  • TinVanMan says:

    I have heard of (and used) the first two and will vouch for them having saved me time and frustration so many times. The others are new to me, but sound great. I have been writing short stories for a few years now, so Creative Writing Now really grabs my interest. I love your lists of useful websites. You really hit the nail on the head every time. Thanks a ton.

    • bellak0 says:

      Similar to you, I’ve heard of the first website and I actively use Lifehacker and Khan Academy, although I don’t really think Khan Academy belongs in the Productivity section. At least, when I’m browsing the web, I don’t really immediately think, “Hey, I think I’ll go learn about some thermochemistry on Khan Academy” or something like that LOL. But sure, I guess it counts as making the best use of your time online :) I really love writing, and I’ll be sure to check out the last two sites, which I’ve actually never heard of before. I used to write short stories for fun, and I think I’ll rekindle that passion after I’ve explored a little of Creative Writing Now. And what better way to prepare for writing a story than brushing up on your vocabulary using I love sites (and everything, for that matter) that get you to learn in a fun, interactive way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some learnin’ to do! Great compilation, by the way.

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