OhLife – Simple Email-Based Journal You Would Want To Update Daily


If you’re a paper and pencil dude (or dudette?), this post is for you. OhLife is a simple and minimal web app that lets you update your private life journal using nothing but email. To make the experience even more intuitive, OhLife also shares one of your past entries while you write a new one.

After you sign up for an account with OhLife, which only requires an email and no fancy hooplas, the app send you daily emails prompting you to write about your day. They prompts are simple – How’d your day go?. As your journal starts to fill up, that’s when OhLife becomes interesting. Along with these prompts, OhLife also shares one of your past experiences with you – from a week ago, or from a month ago, maybe from many years ago. (Fair warning: some entries may can make you nostalgic).

The best part about OhLife is that it’s simple – it’s a journal that you write and you read. No sharing, no social.

But, if that’s not your taste, let me know in the comments which journaling app fits your taste.

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