Top Underpaid Careers for Women [Infographic]

lowest paying jobs for women

With Equal Pay Day being celebrated just a few days ago, it’s no secret that men get paid more than women on average. While many businesses strive to create equality in the workplace, the US Census bureau points out that women make just $0.78 on the dollar that men make. While women struggle to compete with male wages in the financial industry, female farmers earn just 60% of what men earn. Some of the most underpaid female professions include female securities and financial services sales agents.

The Census bureau stores data for over 500 occupational categories, including earnings tracking by gender. Based on 2013 Census data, we’ve created an infographic on the top underpaid careers for women.

Top Underpaid Careers for Women

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  • blackcanary says:

    As a female student right now who will be going into the workforce in a couple of years this is a little bit disappointing. I’m glad that things like Equal Pay Day exist though to bridge this gap.

    It’s nothing new that men earn more than women, it’s how things have been for years and I understand that in the past women didn’t work at all and it was a man’s job to earn the money, but things have changed so much since then. Women can do just as good of a job as any man in any job field, so why do they receive less pay?

    It’s interesting that the finance sector is one of the largest in which women are underpaid. I wouldn’t have guessed that at all. I suppose though that finance is probably relatively male dominated especially in the higher levels.

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