10 Free Website Uptime Monitoring Services

Any webmaster and website owner would know the importance of website uptime. Users (and search engines) do not like sites that are down and unreachable most of the time. While fixing downtimes is one issue, monitoring them is equally important issue.

Below is a list of 10 free website uptime monitoring services. They do not require verification of website ownership, hence you can use them to monitor any website. This is especially useful when you need to check the claims of a host by verifying the uptime of a website it already is hosting.

So, hop in.

1. Pingdom

monitor website downtime

Free account of Pingdom provides features such as monitoring 5 sites/servers, 20 SMS alerts on signup, unlimited email & twitter alerts, unlimited contacts etc.

2. Website-Monitoring.com

monitor website downtime

Free users need to put their microbanner into the website’s footer.

3. DownNotifier

monitor website downtime

Free account holders’ websites are checked every 5 minutes.

4. Site 24×7

monitor website downtime

With free account, you can monitor two websites at 60 minute interval.

5. tagBeep

monitor website downtime

tagBeep is pretty robust. It lets you monitor up to 50 sites for free with intervals of a minute (email and free SMS alerts). When errors occur they take a snapshot of the page and save the HTML.

6. Service Uptime

monitor website downtime

Free monitoring account includes one monitoring service (any port or website) checked every 30 minutes. Free account has all necessary features to keep the track of your website uptime and is limited in some advanced features and check frequency only. There is no limitations on worldwide locations so your service will be monitored from all over the world. All Premium detailed reports are also available for free monitoring accounts. No additional charges for using SMS notifications. Account lifetime statistics never deleted and available for the whole period of monitoring.

7. Host Tracker

monitor website downtime

This service allows checking 2 websites at intervals of 30 minutes. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly reports are provided.

8. Montastic

monitor website downtime

You get to monitor 3 sites every 30 minutes.

9. InternetSeer

monitor website downtime

This service checks your site every hour.

10. Monitor.Us

monitor website downtime

Monitor.Us provide 77 new free tools and features, the all-in-one monitoring tool of choice for nearly 100,000 IT professionals worldwide.

Did I miss anything?

Would you like to suggest more services to monitor websites? Add them in the comments below.


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