Learn to Type Faster With TypingWeb Online Tutor

As a 21st century student, who also happens to be a regular blogger, typing is pretty darn essential. Typing very quickly. Sure people can opt for the so called “Computer Classes”, but who has the time and money in this 140-character era?

TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels.

type faster typingweb

There is no registration required to get started with TypingWeb, however by doing so, you can easily track your progress, access additional content such as games, custom typing skins and compete for a place in the Hall of Fame.

type faster typingweb

To get newbies started, each lesson is preceded by a short blurb explaining and illustrating the requirements for the respective lesson.

type faster typingweb

During the typing lesson, your statistics like Words per minute (wpm) and accuracy are updated in real time. For the Beginner lessons, accompanying figures show which fingers to use.

type faster typingweb

However, as you move up the levels, the difficulty increases and obviously you are expected to use the correct hand movements without any reference.


  • Lewisoboy007 says:

    Ive Used This In My School :) Its Very Good!

  • Michael Taylor says:

    Great resource, thanks for sharing! Works well for everyone trying to learn how to type faster and more accurately in a short time. You should time yourself before and after taking the course to see how it affected you. There’s CareerStep’s typing test that you can use to measure your speeds.

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