This App Can Save Your Life: One-Touch-911 App Makes Emergency Calls So Much Easier

This App Can Save Your Life: One-Touch-911 App Makes Emergency Calls So Much Easier
Photo from RapidSOS/Kickstarter

An app designed for users to be able to easily send out distress calls in times of emergencies has been developed by researchers at the Harvard–MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

The One-Touch-911 app was designed by researchers in such a way wherein distress calls made by its users are sent out with more accurate information on their locations, and at faster speeds.

One-Touch-911 app users have immediate access to buttons through which they can inform authorities of an ongoing fire emergency, a car crash, a medical emergency, or a police emergency with a simple touch of a button— and the app works even if their mobile phones didn’t have any signal.

Each of the four buttons on the One-Touch-911 app will trigger a standard call placed from the mobile phone itself, containing the GPS location and personal details of the user, as well as any medical information the user has pre-entered on the app.

When a mobile user who does not have signal from his carrier network on his phone, One-Touch-911 automatically tasks his phone to connect to other networks available in the vicinity— to allow the emergency call to go through.

The app also makes the user’s mobile phone connect to any wi-fi network nearby to place the call in the event that no mobile network is available within his location.

Once the call is placed, conversation with the emergency dispatcher is no longer necessary, as most information needed for authorities to respond to the emergency scene will be in the data sent out by the app. Users also have the option to attach a photo or video on their distress call, depending on their locations.

This App Can Save Your Life: One-Touch-911 App Makes Emergency Calls So Much Easier

Photo from RapidSOS/Kickstarter

One-Touch-911 can be used in 135 countries all over the world, and users in foreign lands are not required to speak in the local language of the country they’re in to place the distress call.

RapidSOS, the company behind One-Touch-911, says software testing will begin in Texas by next month. According to the company:

“We spent two years working with over 100 dispatch centers globally to develop RapidSOS One-Touch-911.

“This award-winning technology is the most efficient and effective system for communicating during a life-threatening emergency, transmitting data from your phone directly to first responders in a matter of seconds.

“Running off RapidSOS’ emergency communications platform, One-Touch-911 has the built in intelligence to manage any emergency you face: Limited, intermittent, or no cell service? Unable to speak on the phone? Non-native English speaker? No idea where you are? Unsure what precisely to report? No problem.

“With the push of a button first responders are on their way.”

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  • Diane Lane says:

    I’ll have to read up on this in more depth. I don’t currently have a cell phone, but do have an iPod Touch, and if I were able to use this app via wifi only, without cell service needed, that would be very helpful. I have some elderly and infirm friends who could also find this useful, so will share the article with them.

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