Cloe Vs Siri: The Rise of SMS-Based Apps

Cloe Vs Siri: The Rise of SMS-Based Apps
Photo from Cloe

While downloadable apps are surely here to stay, developers have slowly been shifting their attentions to apps that don’t require users to download them at all— the so-called SMS-based apps.

Although there are also plenty of apps that don’t require downloads, like the web-based apps that users still turn to every once in a while (albeit unlikely on a daily basis), SMS-based apps make use of the decades-old technology that has been part of every mobile user’s daily life ever since the rise of the cellphones began— texting.

So unlike web-based apps, users of SMS-based apps can still make use of these programs or services even without internet connection— and even on the most ancient SMS-capable phones.

But of course, one can not expect games and photo editing services on apps like these.

Except maybe if the app works the same way as Magic. But we’ll get into that later.

Most SMS-based apps that are slowly gaining ground in the tech world today offer services that provide convenience to the increasingly-lazy tech-savvy generation of the world today.

Cloe is one of these SMS-based apps.

While most users of iOS devices have become very familiar and often share a very close relationship with Siri— many of them still wish that Siri could do more.

Although there’s already so much that Siri can get done, her instincts only rely heavily on what Google can come up with.

But not Cloe. She understands you better.

Cloe is part-bot, part-human— which is exactly why she is well-capable of helping you when it comes down to minor decision-makings, such as which restaurant is the best place for you to go to, or which one’s more convenient for you.

She won’t just show you a list of search results, she will give you everything you need to know about something you’d like to find more about.

But for users who want even more than just getting information about the things they are interested in, there’s another SMS-based app that works just like magic— Magic.

The aptly-named app will get users whatever they want, whenever they want it— so long as they can pay for it. Magic takes users’ payment information upfront, so anything that a user wants on his doorstep anytime of the day, Magic can get for him— for a minimal fee.

Ice cream craving at 2 am? Magic can get that for you.

It’s like having an assistant who has round-the-clock office hours and never goes on vacation.

What more could you ask for?