Snap Me Up Alarm Will Snap You Out of Your Sleep… With a Selfie

Snap Me Up Alarm Will Snap You Out of Your Sleep... With a Selfie
Photo from iDigital Times

While most normal people loathe the sound of their alarm clocks, people who are fond of snapping a photo of themselves every so often can now look forward to a more pleasing type of alarm— one that requires them to take a selfie.

Bizarre as that may sound, Dehun Inc’s Snap Me Up alarm is an app that aims to help prevent lazy sleepyheads from missing out on something important by making sure that they’re already wide awake before they are even allowed to turn the alarm off completely. This, dear friends, can only be achieved by taking a shameless selfie, right after the app snaps you out of your goodnight’s sleep— through the sounding of its alarm.

And just to make sure users don’t try to cheat on Snap Me Up by taking random pictures of their bedroom while their eyes are still half-closed, the makers of the app made sure that the Snap Me Up’s mandatory selfie will only work with the face-detection feature included in the app’s software.

Thinking about blindly taking pictures of anything while your eyes are still closed just so the app’s alarm would stop bugging you? Nice try. It’s not going to work.

Taking a picture of your stuffed animal lying down beside you on your bed, on the other hand, might be a clever idea, though that still remains to be seen.

The app’s makers said that they are keen on revealing what you actually look like the moment you open your eyes after a goodnight’s— or not-so-goodnight’s sleep.

This is what the makers of the innovative ‘selfie alarm clock’ have to say about their app:

“Have you ever wondered how you look when you wake up?

“Snap Me Up allows you to set alarms, in an easy and elegant way, that have to be turned off by taking a picture of your face.

“Just watch the camera, turn on the lights, open your eyes and snap.”

Aside from the app’s alarm clock feature, it also comes with a timer feature that reminds forgetful users that they’ve got something else to do, like when something they’re baking is waiting in the oven, and waking the users up from their power nap.

On top of that, the app shows its users random selfies they have taken in the previous mornings as the alarm sounds in an effort to wake them up.

Snap Me Up alarm is only available on Android devices, at least for the moment.