Thinking About Canceling Cable? Think Again

cable vs netflix

Traditional cable seems to be one of the more popular choices for those who enjoy watching TV shows, but many still believe in cutting the cord in favor of alternative networks such as Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Before cancelling your decade-long cable subscription, let’s find out if it’s really worth it by answering some of the more commonly asked questions:

Is the alternative really all that?

One of the main drawbacks of traditional cable is that the subscription comes bundled with too many channels that often times go unwatched. While there may not be any ideal alternative that allows you to subscribe to certain channels, even Sling TV, Amazon Prime and Netflix offer an abundance of channels with their subscriptions; many of which the average user won’t ever watch. So if your main priority for cutting cable is due to an abundance of viewing options, it’s probably not a good excuse to cut ties with your cable provider.

Are the other options actually cheaper?

If the low monthly subscription costs of $10 to $50 from providers like Netflix and PlayStation Vue appeal to you, it is time to do some math. While the average cable subscription may cost anywhere from $50 and up, the installation or first time payment of these alternative subscriptions often sneak into your payment plan, and you end up paying more than you expected. Cable is notorious for this as well.

Can I watch live sports and other events?

If you are fan of live sporting events then cable television still might be your best bet. Even Netflix, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue do not cover all live sports. However, it should be noted that ESPN and its sibling networks are only available on Sling TV.

Do I need high-speed internet?

Yes, you will need to have a high-speed internet connection if you are opting out of the traditional cable subscription. Be sure your ISP supports watching HD quality channels. Of course, this will add to your monthly television costs if you do not already have internet.

Have you cancelled your cable subscription in favor of an alternative such as Netflix or Sling TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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