Create Self-Destructing Notes With Burn Note

I’m a big fan of movies like Mission Impossible that portray the technology of future. Of course most of it is something that the average Joe can use or even find. But some of the technologies are still existent, though shown in a completely different way.

One such is the self-destructing message. With Burn Note, you can fulfill your fantasy of having a true private and secure conversation with someone over the Internet.

You can start typing the message right from the home page without registration. You cannot add any media to it, or even any formatting; just plain text. Once you have written the note, click on Options before Sending it.

burn note

The options let you configure the time after which the note will be deleted and assign a password to view the note. You can also choose the Note display type: Plain text which allows copying of note, Short phrases and Spyglass which do not allow copying of note. The difference is that in Plain text, the note is displayed as-is regularly on the screen, in Short phrases, the note is divided into smaller parts shown individually on the screen and in Spyglass, the message is hidden and a click is required to view it.

After you have configured your message, click on Send. You’ll get a link that you can send to the recipient. The timer starts as soon as the recipient begins viewing the message. Once a Burn Note has been viewed it is completely deleted from their servers and from the recipient’s computer.

By default Burn Notes are created with the Short phrases display option which prevents the recipient from taking a screenshot of the entire note. The Spyglass display option prevents screenshots of the entire note by only allowing the recipient to view a small portion of the note in the Spyglass area. The mouse button must be held down to keep the Spyglass open which makes taking screenshots require more finger coordination.

Registered users get read confirmations, which appears to be the only difference to unregistered ones.

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