No More Excuses: Flashgap Will Tell You Exactly What You Did When You Were Drunk

No More Excuses: Flashgap Will Tell You Exactly What You Did When You Were Drunk
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Here’s something for everyone out there who pretend they didn’t know what they were doing when they were drunk.

Well, you can still pretend that you didn’t know what you were doing when you were drunk, but here’s an app that will tell you and everyone else what it is exactly you’ve been up to when you were drunk and sad— or drunk and happy.

Inspired by ‘The Hangover’ movie, Flashgap is a photo-sharing app with a whole new twist that adds fun to the conversations you make with your friends the day after the night you got so drunk you can barely remember anything.

Currently available for iOS devices, the photo-sharing app is a must-have for groups of friends (or families) who occasionally (or daily) spend time together over some booze and maybe some good food.

Like other photo-sharing apps, Flashgap lets its users create albums for a certain event, and invite other users to contribute photos taken on these events— and the resulting album is later on shared to the entire group, as a whole.

The key difference between this ‘Hangover’-inspired photo sharing app and the rest of the photo-sharing apps available in the market today is that Flashgap does not give its users access to the entire album until the following day— during midday, to be exact.

This is so the previous night’s events can be relived by everyone in the group altogether at the same time, at a time when they’re already sober.

Flashgap CEO and Co-Founder Julian Kabab said: “In ‘The Hangover’ movie, the four main characters head out to Las Vegas to party and after a night of many excesses they wake up with no memories of the last night. The entire movie is based on them trying to find clues, to figure out what really happened. And the particular scene that inspired us is actually the end credits where you discover all the photos of what they have done.”

“The movie inspired us to create an app where in an event no one has access to the photos taken by friends or themselves. Letting the next day at 12 hours be a discovery of every photo taken for all the participants.”

“Flashgap’s differentiation lies in the surprise generated by sharing the discovery of every picture the next day. We also offer a group chat to organize or debrief about your event.”

With Flashgap, friends can now relieve the horrors of their drunken nights altogether, simultaneously.


  • troutski says:

    I have to say that’s a pretty clever idea for an app, though some things are better left to the unknown when it comes to drunken nights out. I love that the app releases the photos during the middle of the next day for all the friends and family members to see. I’m not sure I’d use this app if it came to Android, but I definitely know people that would download it immediately.

  • Diane Lane says:

    This is an interesting idea for an app. I wouldn’t have a need for it myself, but I’m sure it’s quite popular. I guess the photos stay there, and don’t disappear after so long? I can see these albums being sought after by divorce attorneys ;).

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