Easily Manage Multiple Social Networks In One Place With GrabInbox

For social network junkies, managing multiple accounts on multiple sites is no less than pain in the @$$. To view others’ updates, you need to visit multiple time lines, to update your own status, you need to write (or copy-paste) multiple times.

Now Grabinbox aims to fix this problem by bringing multiple social networks in one beautiful web interface. What’s different about GrabInbox, you ask? Well, hear this: Not only you can add multiple social networks, but also multiple accounts of the social networks.

You can manage Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, Facebook Pages and LinkedIn accounts using the web app.

Obviously there’s the competition like HootSuite or Tweetdeck, but what makes GrabInbox stand apart is the minimal design and ability to schedule and queue your messages.

manage social networks

To begin with you need to add new accounts. You do not need to give passwords for any service since GrabInbox uses the official API (Oauth).

manage social networks

Once all your social media are added, you may schedule messages to be posted on them. These messages may be posted immediately to the chosen accounts or placed in a queue to be posted at what, according to the app, is an optimal time.

There’s also a Chrome plugin to easily share web pages or a bookmarklet for other browsers.


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