Hands On: Huawei Honor Full Review + Exclusive Discount

Huawei HonorIn the technology world, most things can go wrong, very wrong. But every one in a while, you get to see a device that performs beyond your expectations. Huawei Honor is one such smartphone that comes out to be a pleasant surprise. (On that note, I have a little deal for you. Scroll down to know more about it.)

The thin, 10.9mm body packs in a lot; more than you can handle, if you will. At a light weight of just 138gm, the phone is powered by a 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor running Android 2.3 Gingerbread (upgradable to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich). But wait, these are not the best features of the Honor; it’s its battery – a humongous (in power) 1900mAh battery which lasts up to 30% longer than any other smartphone of comparable price.

In the box

huawei honor review

In the box, you’ll find the Huawei Honor handset, 1 travel charger, data cable, warranty card, headset and user manual. Nothing fancy, nothing bulky.

USP: The Battery

The Honor has a mammoth 1900mAh battery which actually does last longer than any other smartphone of comparable price. I took the phone for a spin for an outing one day, and here’s what I tweeted in the evening:

On a different day, this is how I used up 70% of the battery:

huawei honor review

Numbers denote hours of usage

After about 70% usage, you are prompted to switch on the Power Saver Mode, which should provide a couple of hours of more usage.

Look and Feel

huawei honor review

The handset is 122mm high and 61.5mm wide. It fits very nicely in hands, and doesn’t slip because of the textured back. The phone has a nice rubbery feel to it, which makes it a pleasure to hold it.

huawei honor review

The logo on the back is a let down, though.

The buttons are very well places on the body. There are 4 capacitive touch buttons on the front which rarely get accidentally pressed.

Display and Interface

huawei honor review

The 4-inch display has a resolution of 480×854 pixels at 254 ppi. The colors on screen are very vivid and accurate, and graphics are detailed. The text on screen is very crisp, which makes reading small text comfortable. Playback of HD videos is stunning. Unfortunately, the screen’s biggest glitch is that its surface is prone to collecting too much finger smudge.

The launcher on the Huawei phone does have a unique taste to it. This is particularly visible on the lock screen where you have four shortcuts: either you unlock the phone, or head straight to calls, messages or camera.

huawei honor review

Note that you can’t add your own apps to this, something I expect to be available in the future upgrades. Other than that, nothing really groundbreaking; you get up to five home screens, which you can customize with widgets, folders, and widgets.


There’s a 8 MP camera on the back capable of 3264×2448 resolution photos and a VGA camera on the front (The international version has a 2.1 MP camera on the front. Why such discrimination?). The former has autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging and HDR. The camera can record videos in 720p quality, but should not be considered a replacement for a camcorder.

The camera quality is decent, but good when ambient light is enough. There is a lot of shutter lag while taking photos in low light conditions.

Here are the samples from the Huawei Honor U8860:

Note: For the sake of site’s performance, images have been scaled down to 640 px width. The quality of the photos is untouched.


huawei honor review


huawei honor review

Indoor photo of a screen

huawei honor review

Outdoor photo

huawei honor review

Clearly, the colors on the photos are vivid, and well seen on the phone’s screen. However, on a bigger screen, you’ll find that there is some noise in the images taken in low light.

The Honor isn’t the best camera phone out there but it’s well above average for the Android class.

Everything Else

The Huawei Cloud+ Drive gives users 16 gigs of online storage. All that’s required is an account registration, which takes about a minute and you’re good to go.

Cloud+ is an exclusive Huawei Cloud service to Huawei device users. Cloud+ is seamlessly integrated into the Huawei phone platform. Cloud+ offers a range of next generation features like Cloud+ drive, Message+, Streams, Phone finder, SNS, Contacts Integration and any where any device access for content saved on drive. These features help the phone user to experience the future.

huawei honor review

The phone comes with standard Android apps like Calculator, Note pad, Alarm, Gallery, Calendar, Sound Recorder, Document To Go and other apps like Task Manager, Traffic Manager, Security Guard, Huawei Streams. Then there’s a Google Mobile Suite which has Google Mail, Google Search, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube, Android Market.

Conclusion + Exclusive Discount

The Huawei Honor is a capable device but it would definitely have a hard time dealing with its “Made in China” figure. The brand is still new in India, and yet to set a feet here. Not many retailers, leave apart consumers, have even heard of the company. This would make it difficult for Huawei to penetrate the market.

As for the Honor itself, it’s a great device with a great price. It’s a good mid-range option with high-end specs.

The market price of Huawei Honor in India is Rs. 19990. But you don’t have to pay that much. I was able to get YOU an exclusive discount of Rs. 500, thus making the cost of the device now Rs. 19490. Plus, you get free shipping. Awesome!

Here’s how to get the discount:

1. Follow this link to buy Huawei Honor online.

2. During checkout, enter the discount code “GEEKZU” without the quotation marks.

3. That’s it!

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