EnhanceMy8 is a Robust Tweaking and Maintenance Tool for Windows 8

Probably the most frustrating thing about Windows 8 is the inability to customize the look, feel and performance of the OS. Yes, the Start Menu sucks too. But if you’re having a hard time tweaking and maintaining the new OS, EnhanceMy8 is a tool you must check out.


EnhanceMy8 includes any tweaks and tools you need to keep your Win8 in mint condition:

  • Disk Cleaner – Automatically find and delete un-needed files and folders
  • Defragmenter – Reduce the amount of fragmentation in file systems and registry
  • System Info – Get maximum detailed information about your hardware and software
  • System Tools – a collection of system tools that you didn’t even heard about
  • Security Tweaks – Easely configure the new security settings of Windows 8

There are two versions of the app — the free version with limited features and a Pro version that unlocks everything for $30.

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