You Can Now Wear Your Minecraft Game on Your Wrist

You Can Now Wear Your Minecraft Game on Your Wrist
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Here’s some good news for all you Minecraft fanatics out there.

Having problems dragging yourself out of your Minecraft world to do real-world stuff like bathing and studying? Wishing you could take your Minecraft game everywhere you go? Wouldn’t it be nice if you’ll never ever have to leave that pixel world?

A company called Now Computing thought so, too. So they came up with a brilliant idea.

You can now wear your favorite game around your wrist.

For just $79.99, You can take your Minecraft game anywhere you go. Just plug it in and play it on any PC, Linux, Macbook or Mac computer that you can lay your eyes on, anywhere you are.

Although having the gameband around your wrist may not be the same as actually playing the game on your wrist— which, as of now, is still not possible— it’s the closest thing you can get to making sure that your Minecraft world will be with you at all times.

Sure, you can bring your tablet or your phone along with you if you’d want to, but there are still a lot of other real-world things that you need to be doing where you just can’t take that game of yours with you.

Like wall climbing.

You just can’t go Minecraft-ing and wall-climbing at the same time. But having the Gameband-Minecraft on your wrist at all times guarantees that you are actually just a computer away from getting a good game’s play.

Besides, having that digital gameband around your wrist is just way too cool.

As confirmed by the Huffington Post, the Minecraft gameband lets users play the game on PC, Linux, and Mac just by plugging in the wristband to the computer using its built-in USB connector. The latest gamer gadget has a feature that automatically saves every world the user creates in-game via cloud, so gamers won’t have to worry about forgetting about saving the game.

The gameband, which is equipped with an LED screen, shows Minecraft users the time as well as patterns created through the “Pixel Furnace”— a feature that lets gamers exchange animated GIFs.

The only challenge this latest gaming gadget is likely to face is that the fact that most Minecraft players have the game on their respective mobile gadgets rather than their personal computers may get them to think twice about actually buying the device.

Because these devices can already be taken by users everywhere they go, others are skeptic if Minecraft fanatics would still want the game on their wrists.

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  • xSentaru says:

    Or, or, hear me out on this one, I could get an USB stick for 5 dollars and put my Minecraft world there and then put the USB stick on my pocket! How cool is that? Haha!

    Jokes aside, I find this piece of gear way too costly. Yes, looks nice and all and I would personally wear it but this is probably the last thing I would waste my money on.

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