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Want to play football; all you need is some friends, a ‘football’, and the fun begins. This is how we use to play in our childhood. Can evolution in technology change this imagination? Can technology convert this low-tech ball into a “smart football”? How can a ball be ‘smart’? The answer to these questions is, when technology and innovation can join hands for converting the world into “smart world” then it is just a football and this is exactly what Adidas did recently. They have launched the very first smart football named “miCoach”.

Just imagine what will be your response if someone asks you to kick your new iPhone6 or Samsung Galaxy S6. Your instance response would be “are you insane”. But Adidas is asking you to kick their newly invented high-tech masterpiece as hard as you can and as many times as you want. Adidas claims that these smart football are of the same quality as any FIFA-approved football should be. To ensure high quality standards Adidas ran various test such as shooter Test that ensures that technology inside the ball will not be damaged no matter how hard you kick it; drum test to ensure that outer layer is not ignored while making the inner part smarter; absorption test to ensure that the ball is water resistant; sphericity test to ensure that the ball is perfectly round; and accuracy test to ensure that the each and every kick is monitored.

The idea behind this new high-tech, smart ball is to improve the performance of the players. Adidas has targeted this ball for the people who wants to play professional football but can’t find good coach. Currently available for only iOS, the miCoach app when integrated with the smart ball with the help of Bluetooth, keeps track of the data such as how fast and hard the player is hitting the ball; its trajectory and spin; and strike points during the training sessions. By keeping tracks of these factors, players can monitor their current performance.

This app not only keeps track of the data but also uses these factor to coach the player by telling them what changes they should make in their strategy to achieve the desired results. In addition to monitoring and coaching, this smart ball gives its user the option to test their skill through various ‘challenge’ options in which player can simulate real-game scenario and can compare their performance with their friends.

This app is a great tool for both learners as well as professional to improve their performance. The only concern I have is that such high-tech gadgets are not affordable for every one and high level of dependency on such apps and gadgets can convert this game of “common people” to a “game of elite class”.

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