Your Nanny Cam Could Be Spying on You

Got a Nanny Cam? It Could Be Spying on You
Photo from Cloudfront

A Minnesota family had a nanny cam installed in their nursery for the very reason nanny cams were invented in the first place— so they could watch over their baby 24/7.

Little did they know someone else was watching their child. And he was watching them too.

But the family was absolutely clueless that something else was going on…

Until one night, when they suddenly heard a creepy song playing, and the sound was coming from the nursery.

“We were sleeping in bed, and basically heard some music coming from the nursery, but then when we went into the room the music turned off,” said the Minnesota mom, who asked not to be named, while speaking with TV station KTTC.

Since the song stopped playing by the time they got to the nursery, the parents decided to make the camera face the wall instead, thinking that the music may have came from the nanny cam itself.

But a few hours later, the camera was facing the baby’s room again, and this time, towards the closet.

Creeped out by the incident, the Minnesota family did some research on the internet and found that someone else had gained access to their nanny cam as they checked the “log file” of the camera’s software.

The software—- which was provided by Foscam, the maker of the nanny cam they had installed in the nursery— has a program that records every login ever made on the camera.

Tracking down the unknown IP address that they saw from the log files, the family eventually found that some creep from halfway across the world has hacked their nanny cam, and has been watching them all along.

The hacker’s digital trail led the family to a website in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where they saw “thousands and thousands” of images from nanny cams of unsuspecting families all around the world.

“At least fifteen different countries listed and it’s not just nurseries,” said the mom. “It’s people’s living rooms, their bedrooms, their kitchens. Every place that people think is sacred and private in their home is being accessed.”

It appears that the hackers have found a way to seize the camera’s movements so they could take control over them themselves.

For households where the use of a nanny cam is absolutely necessary, security experts advice that the users frequently change the usernames and passwords of the camera’s network, and make certain that the cameras are connected only to a secure network.

For those who can make do without nanny cams, watching your babies with your own eyeballs is best recommended.

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