3 Resources To Learn How To Repair Your PC

I remember when once a friend of mine took his PC to a repair shop to get this virus removed, and he was billed several thousand rupees (hundreds of dollars) just for installing the anti-virus. How cow! There’s always a time when your PC will break down. And spending this much is just not that smart. Everyone os us would like to save a buck whenever possible.

learn to repair pc

The best way to save the bucks, and learn something amazing, is to learn how to repair your PC yourself. Here are three resources that will help you with those DIY computer repair jobs for free.

1. FixingMyComputer

learn to repair pc

With a clean navigation menu on the left, that looks like a file explorer, you can find information on fixing anything in a PC. They have neat flowcharts and detailed guides that can get any newbie started immediately. What’s even better? They have a free forum wherein you can ask any question regarding the fixes from the community.

2. Top 10 Computer Hardware Fixes and Upgrades

learn to repair pc

Lifehacker’s Top 10 Computer Hardware Fixes and Upgrades is a handy list of, as the title suggests, 10 most common fixes for a PC. If the top 9 fixes do not work for you, which I don’t think can be the case, then you’ll have to go with the #1 in the list – Build a whole computer from scratch!

3. fixed4free

learn to repair pc

fixed4free.com is a free website where you can find information to help you fix or repair virtually anything. In their ‘Computers’ category, you can find information on fixing stuff like firewalls, handheld PCs, Internet connection, modems, monitors, notebooks/laptop PCs, printers, scanners etc.


If you know of any other resources to learn how to fix your PC, please share them in the comments.

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