Share Text, Images, Links From Browser via SMS using TextMe

Have you ever stumbled an interesting article, or an image, or a cool quote and wanted to share it with your friends via SMS? You could use some web services like FullOnSMS or 160by2 to send free SMS but that would involve you logging in to another website, composing the message and then sending it. While sending long links, you will have to use a URL shortening service to shorten the URL. Plus, the delivery time, sometimes, is not satisfactory.

Textme has launched a service that allows users to share text, images, videos and links from the web browser to any mobile phone in India. As of writing this post, more than 5 million messages have been sent using TextMe!

Send what you love

The service can be used on any website in the world and according to founder Dayson Pais, “Users are delighted to discover new and unique ways to use Textme like sharing online news articles, IPL scores, videos from YouTube, images from Facebook, sending Wikipedia links & excerpts, railway bookings, ticket information, live stock quotes from MoneyControl and more. A lot of people also use Textme as a convenient way to quickly send messages to friends and family.”

How to use it

TextMe requires the user to install a browser addon available for all major web browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. The installation process is a breeze. Then, to share a page, all you need to do is click on the TextMe button, enter in the phone number of receiver and hit “Send”. That’s it. As easy as that.

Check this short video to see exactly how TextMe works.

When you use TextMe for the first time to send a message, you will be prompted to sign up by entering your mobile number and a password. You will also be needed to verify the mobile number by entering the code that is sent to it. All of it takes no more than 30 seconds.

While trying TextMe, I was able to send in messages to my friends’ mobiles within seconds. There were no delays or unnecessary advertisements.


What I didn’t like was that the sender’s name in the SMS was “LM-Textme”. It would be much much helpful if the sender’s actual mobile number would appear in here for easy recognition by the receiver.


In my opinion, what would be even more amazing is to see an app for iOS and Android from the TextMe team that would offer the same level of convenience on the move. All in all, Textme is a breakthrough application with a very neat design, and a fresh concept.

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