You Can Now Order Pizza from Domino’s by Simply Tweeting a Pizza Emoji

You Can Now Order Pizza by Simply Tweeting a Pizza Emoji
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Both the lazy and hungry as well as the lazy and not-really-so-hungry population of the world can now order the world’s most ordered food without having to break a sweat. Literally.

Most couch potato, pizza-loving citizens of the world oftentimes deprive themselves of the opportunity to have their favorite food delivered right on their doorsteps because they ever so frequently lose the battle of forcing themselves to be up on their feet, to get ahold of communication-capable devices that would let them contact their favorite pizza delivery.

Domino’s Pizza apparently understands this difficulty, so they came up with an easy breezy solution.

Starting next week, one of the world’s largest pizza food chain will start allowing customers to place their orders by simply tweeting the company’s official Twitter account with using emojis.

Domino’s Pizza lovers can now receive their favorite food a lot quicker and without all the hassle, by simply tweeting their orders using emojis to @Dominos, the company’s official Twitter handle.

All the pizza lovers need to do is tweet a pizza emoji to Domino’s, and dedicated staff from the pizza company will be taking care of the rest, making sure that the customers’ pizza orders will get to them right on time.

Domino’s Chief Executive Patrick Doyle said: “It’s the epitome of convenience. We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.”

So how will Domino’s know where you live and how do they know if they sent your favorite pizza to the right place?

This could be another laziness-triggering task to some pizza-loving individuals who simply just don’t have the patience to complete tasks that last more than a few seconds, but the pizza company wants to assure everyone that as soon as customers complete this one simple task, they will not be bothered with having to repeat the process ever gain.

And this task is signing up for a Domino’s profile online and filling out the details for their “easy order” pizza preference, and then linking their Twitter account to it. Once this is done, pizza enthusiasts can now start sending out as many pizza emojis as their pockets would allow, to @Dominos.

According to Mr. Doyle:

“Domino’s has become something closer to a tech company that sells pizza.”

“It has amassed a team of about 250 technology employees versus about 50 tech employees just a decade ago.”

Domino’s pizza emoji-enabled delivery service will only initially work in the US, but if the service proves itself successful, the company plans to bring the innovative delivery service to the UK as well.

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  • Diane Lane says:

    This is a pretty brilliant marketing move. I’m not lazy, and I don’t get Domino’s much, since I don’t even think they deliver here, but I love the idea of this. I guess I need a special set of emojis, specifically for Domino’s, though? Or, do I still have to go through a selection menu for toppings and crust? I thought at first that each emoji had a separate type of toppings, but maybe not. I’ll have to investigate further. I still think it’s a cool move on their part, though, and I think it will increase business for them.

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