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pinterest themes for wordpress

Recently, I’ve acquired, a rather pointless domain name with a ring to it and potential brandability. As I was thinking about what to do with it, I came across this rather delicious looking ‘S’more Pie’ recipe on Pinterest. The lightbulb that is permanently residing at the top of my head was flashing all sorts of flashiness as I was having an ‘ah-hah’ moment. Crumbie would make a great site for sharing baking recipes in a Pinterest-like fashion.

Right after my light bulb burnt out, I headed over to Themeforest, my go-to WordPress theme repository. Much to my dismay, I couldn’t find the theme I was looking for. Yes, there are a ton of themes with grids; all with a magazine feel. Moving on, I did find a FEW themes that had a nice grid layout with a like/rating system. Here they are:

1. Pinboard

Pinboard was created by Themify and requires a $79 membership to buy. This is a bonus for those who are looking for a good deal since you get all of the creator’s other themes for one price. Unlike Pinterest, clicking on the photo didn’t take you to the actual post. Instead, you are given the lightbox effect, which is just as cool. I liked the comments as well as the categories that are displayed on the front page posts.

Demo | Purchase Pinboard


Pinboard WordPress Theme

2. Pintores

Pintores is a colorful Pinterest styled theme from the creators at It’s  very similar to Pinboard with the lightbox effect when clicking on images and comment display on front page.  You have the option to pay for just the theme itself for $39 or buy the club membership for $49 a year in which you have access to all themes.

Demo | Purchase Pintores


Pintores WordPress Theme

3. Pinfinity

Pinfinity is another theme created by the same company that created Pintores and in my opinion is a huge upgrade. The theme is cleaner looking and the images lead straight to the post rather than a popup lightbox. However, the comments and categories don’t show up on the front page posts. Same as Pintores, you can purchase this theme for $39 or the whole slue of themes for $49.

Demo | Purchase Pinfinity


Pinfinity WordPress Theme

4. iPin Pro

The iPin Pro theme is a little too much like Pinterest if you ask me. But hey, isn’t that the point of this post?! The theme does everything you would expect it to do, from hovering over images and having the option to like or comment, to making you login with Facebook or Twitter when you want to share or like a post. The theme comes in a dark or light style and costs $99. Oh, and did I mention there’s a FREE version?

Demo | Download iPin Pro


iPin Pro WordPress Theme

5. Pinable

Pinable was created by Theme-Junkie, which is another WordPress theme membership club. For a annual price of $49, you can download up to 52 themes. The theme looks great and was designed with SEO in mind and has placements for ads. However, the theme lacks the built-in ability to share posts to other social media.

Demo | Purchase Pinable


Pinable WordPress Theme

6. Heap

Heap is a pretty versatile looking theme and I like that it isn’t an exact replica of Pinterest. It’s on the pricier side of ThemeForest themes, tagged at $58 but well worth it.

Demo | Purchase Heap

Heap WordPress Theme



  • bellak0 says:

    It seems that ever since Pinterest became popular, a whole slew of new sites with its particular style has been unleashed, not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. I actually find Pinterest’s board-like layout pretty effective, because I’m a multitasker, and I like to look at several different topics at once, or I tend to get a little lethargic. (Actually, why is MashGeek’s layout now so different? It’s really… BIG. I rather liked the earlier one before… but oh well. It kind of resembled the pinning “board” approach that I really like on Pinterest.) In your post, I especially enjoyed the styles and color schemes of Pinboard and Pinable. I also checked out, and it seems very promising! It’s got that addictive Pinterest feel to it, but I don’t see many posts made by members. In fact, I don’t see any member posts at all yet! But the domain name is actually super catchy and does definitely have potential.

  • Jessica Erdman says:

    The old theme we were using on this site left some potential security risks so we defaulted to a backup theme. Currently in the process of redesigning the site so bare with the super large print for a bit :)

    As far as goes, I’ve not allowed for public submissions yet, but maybe soon! That would require me to be more active over there, and write less over here. Of course I love writing so I might put that on hold for a bit!

    • bellak0 says:

      Oh, I see. That’s very judicious of you guys. I take it that you’ve finished renovating the site now, as it once again looks pretty awesome. Just one suggestion: maybe put the “Latest Post” at the top of the site, instead of “News”? Otherwise, the color scheme and style seems really fashionable! I’m liking the new modern look.

      • Jessica Erdman says:

        Thanks! Glad you like it and thanks for the suggestion about putting the latest posts on top. Probably makes more sense to do it that way.

  • oraclemay says:

    My first time here on this site and it looks real interesting. I can see that this is one of those places where I will be able to gather a lot of information and information or knowledge, is something I love! These themes certainly are interesting and worth considering.

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