Getting Out of Windows Safe Mode

There are many situations when a simple computer might piss you off. One of them is Windows booting in Safe Mode. There are many reasons why a PC might be starting in Safe Mode:

  • Your system crashed, and to fix it, you rebooted it in Safe Mode
  • The computer had a few viruses and you kicked it into safe mode.
  • Your friend did it just to mock you. (Happens)

It can be really frustrating when your computer gets into Safe Mode. The main reason being you cannot do virtually anything – not many software can run, sometimes Internet cannot work etc. This would naturally make anyone panicky.

Getting Out of Windows Safe Mode

So here’s a simple fix for getting out of Windows Safe Mode.

While in the Safe Mode, go to Start > Run and type in “msconfig“.

Getting Out of Windows Safe Mode

Hit enter. The msconfig window will open. Here, go to the BOOT.INI tab, and uncheck /SAFEBOOT.

Getting Out of Windows Safe Mode

Click OK, and restart the computer. It will no longer boot in Safe Mode.

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