SlideMode – Easy Text Selection With Trackpad [OS X]

Probably the best and most notable feature of OS X Lion is the support for multi-touch gestures. With trackpad, the gestures are complimented even further providing a better and enhanced user experience. However, selecting large text blocks is not that easy with the trackpad.

SlideMode is an app for tweaking user interaction features of OS X. The simple little app that adds a keyboard shortcut to make selecting large blocks of text as easy as a swipe.


SlideMode offers three features: Slide, which lets you swap between desktops on a mouse, DockShow lets you quickly hiding the Dock, and SlideSelection for selecting text with a trackpad.

Of the three, SlideSelection is the most useful feature. Just hols the Shift+Control key and gesture up or down to select text blocks vertically, or right or left to select similar columns of text.

The app is still in beta with just the forth release version, so there’s a lot that can be expected from it.

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