How to Record GTA V Clips on a PC

record gta v clips

If you have been relying on third-party solutions for recording and editing the GTA V gameplay on your PC, it is time to quit those like FRAPS. The feature now comes built-in, so recording and editing can be managed within the game.

Manual Recording

The maual recording will start on holding of ALT and then pressing F1. With this you can start the recording of your gameplay and stop at the desired time. To save the clip you need to press Left ALT and F1. To cancel saving just press Left ALT and F3 simultaneously. Take note that the videos will be played in sequence.

Action Replay

For the Action Replay mode you need to press F2. This will save the gameplay from moments after the action has taken place. Here, you will also need to take note that recorded data will keep on buffering in the background, but will not be saved without your desire to do so.


If you feel an event is good enough to share with others online, hold ALT and then press the F1 button to capture those actions. Here of course you need to choose ‘Save Action Replay.’ It is similar to working with Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to record the gameplay footage.

Remember, by just pressing the Left ALT and F3 will cancel all the recordings, and this will also delete all of the data recorded since the last clip was saved.

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  • troutski says:

    Built-In recording software features are often lacking in some ways, though. For streamers and YouTubers, the third-party hardware for recording is the true way to go. I used the built-in recording feature to save my own gameplay videos in GTA V, mostly because I can’t afford more advanced options. The built-in option gets the job done, and the new Rockstar Editor really makes things interesting.

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