Trace: This App Will Let You Send a Secret Map Message that Can Only be Decoded by Walking

This App Will Let You Send a Secret Map Message that Can Only be Decoded by Walking
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In December of last year, romantic running enthusiast went into great lengths just so he could propose to his girlfriend the extraordinary way.

With the help of the Nike + GPS tracking app on his phone, Ben Chudley pounded the streets of the UK, running a total of 5.7 miles up and down the pavements of Hants just so he could spell out the words “Will you marry me?” on the app, which automatically draws lines on the GPS map to indicate the route a runner took.

The 28-year-old romantic runner won the “yes” of his 20-year-old girlfriend, Olivia Abdul, as he waited for her at the front door after he posted his route map on social media (shortly after he changed into a suit).

And then there was this eccentric pilot who went out of his way and endured a difficult maneuver just so he could draw a dick on his flight data.

A lot of people found these stunts so hilarious that somebody decided to come up with something similar that doesn’t require as much effort.

An app called Trace has just recently been launched in seemingly an effort to mimic Chudley’s and the queer pilot’s efforts.

But it looks like the app can do something even better.

Trace lets its users send secret messages to their bethroted, adversaries, and acquaintances through a large-scale artwork that can only be seen on a GPS map. But to add fun to the app’s intended feature, which is to send a message, users on the receiving end must first follow a step-by-step instruction before the actual message is revealed.

Trace users who intend to send a message are first required to plot or draw the message or shape they intend to send using the app. After which, they can add clues to or short description to accompany their grand scheme.

Once they’ve completed this step, they can now send the message to their intended recipients, but the recipients will not be able to see artwork they were sent until they follow the step by step directions that accompany the message.

Trace automatically maps the image you drew around the location of the person you sent it to, and for the image to appear, the recipient must walk and follow the path automatically generated by the app on the map. Once they’ve finished walking the path on the map that was created from the image or shape you drew, only then can they see the entirety of the artwork you drew specifically for them.

Trace is available for download both on Android and iPhones.


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  • Diane Lane says:

    I’d heard about the romantic runner, but not the dick story. I think this is a fun idea for those who are like-minded, and don’t mind the challenge. But, what I think would be an amazing app would be one (maybe there already is one, and I’m not aware) that would simply require the recipient to take a specific number of steps that would be counted by the device, or perform some other function, such as complete a chore and post a picture of the final product to the sender, so the person could earn rewards from the sender. This would work well for parents to pay children for chores completed, or errands run, could improve a person’s health by having to take a certain number of steps, or go up and down the stairs a certain number of times, and the rewards could be set by the sender, whether it be money, an amorous pic, a dinner to be delivered later, etc.

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