– A Free Antivirus For Your Facebook Life

secure facebook profile

Most people think that security risks exist only on their physical computers – which is utterly wrong. Our lives are transforming into binary: today, we browse the web and use various applications and practically live online. Many of these websites and apps are social, they connect to Facebook to access your personal data and share content.

This presents a risk, the longer you have Facebook and the more apps you add, your online social profile becomes further exposed. Facebook is the center of most social online lives, where all activities run together.

This is where comes into play – it’s a web-application that people can use to protect themselves and their children from predators, stalkers, and scammers on social networks like Facebook. helps you:

  • Analyze your Facebook privacy settings.
  • Make your Facebook privacy settings stronger and up to date.
  • Prevent kids from being contacted by strangers online.
  • Get an alert when a photo of your kid is posted online.
  • Safeguard your online reputation.

What’s better is that you can monitor up to three Facebook profiles with, parents do not need a Facebook profile to monitor their children’s accounts and there’s an iPhone app! And the best part? It’s all free!

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