Children Play ‘Game of 72’ on Facebook and Go Missing for Three Days

Children Play 'Game of 72' on Facebook and Go Missing for Three Days
Photo from Mirror

Parents in France have been petrified by a game on Facebook some of their children have been playing— a game only known as the ‘Game of 72’.

The sinister game reportedly became the latest Facebook craze in teens and children lately, where the players involved reportedly go missing for as long as three days, without any form of contact with their families whatsoever.

The Game of 72, which is reportedly sometimes also called ’12, 24, 72′, is said to be a type of game where the players are dared to do something— but further details about the game have not been revealed as youngsters who took part in the sinister game seem to be shrouded in secrecy.

In fact, players involved in the game have remained so secretive about it that parents and authorities were not even aware of its existence— until a French girl aged 13, who lived with her parents in the northern part of France, was reported missing.

The young girl disappeared for an entire 72 hours, only to turn up safe and sound at her home after that.

The young girl, whom the French media calls Emma, reportedly refused to disclose details about her disappearance to the local authorities, as well as her parents.

According to reports, authorities, as well as Emma’s family, have no clue where she had been, or who she was with, the entire 72 hours that she had gone missing.

The only information that the young girl apparently disclosed was that she had been playing ‘Game of 72’ on Facebook.

In a post by the RTL website, the young girl apparently said:

“It’s looking [at] images on the internet that I fell on this game.”

“It is to start as long as possible and to frighten parents.

“Initially, it is believed that it is fun but in the end, it is ridiculous.”

In a statement to the Societe website, local authorities told:

“The minor remained very vague about what she had done during this fugue, refusing to give the names of people who would have helped.”

To this day, solid evidence on the existence of ‘Game of 72’ remains scarce, as youngsters who take part in the sinister game seem to be sworn in secrecy.

In an interview with French Twenty Minutes newspaper, an expert from a group fighting against harmful games for children, Magali Duwelz, told:

“We have had no reports.

“Right. But many parents have expressed concern to us.

“There is a real psychosis.

“We advise parents to check the Facebook profiles and mobile phones for their children.”


  • troutski says:

    I don’t understand this at all, but it doesn’t surprise me that a young teenager would get a stupid idea off the Internet. It’s a game in that it’s dangerous for everyone involved, yet the person “playing” is the only one that finds it funny and doesn’t realize that something could go horribly wrong. I wonder how many cases of this game there have actually been, though.

  • blackcanary says:

    This sounds so scary! I haven’t heard of the game before and I’m almost glad I hadn’t, it sounds absolutely crazy. I can’t imagine who would come up with a game like this, troutski put it perfectly, it’s dangerous and stupid.

    I don’t know why the children thinks it’s a good idea and the secrecy around it is very disturbing. It sounds a bit like something out a horror movie. It just shows how dangerous social media and the internet in general can be for young children.

  • Diane Lane says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this phenomenon, but I will be aware, and let my friends know. The world is a small place nowadays, and if it’s happening in France, it probably won’t be long before the game spreads. It seems the authorities in France, as well as elsewhere, should be warning parents and children to be on the lookout for this activity, as underage children disappearing without warning is not safe.

  • xSentaru says:

    Woah, that’s scary stuff. I myself I’m grateful I didn’t grew up in this generation, with all this screwed up games that they’re categorized being “cool” and “fun” among kids these days. It’s dangerous stuff, guys! You don’t just go missing for 3 days and then come back at your parents telling them to calm down because it was just a joke…

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