Worried About Your Twitter Account? Backup Your Tweets With These 3 Tools

Did you know that all your tweets have an expiration date? No, they do not get deleted off the Twitter’s servers, but they become unsearchable. According to the Twitter search documentation, Twitter indexes any tweets for 6-9 days. What that means is that if you tweeted something a week ago, chances are, you are not going to find it.

Unless Twitter comes up with an alternative to that, or maybe a “backup your account” feature like Facebook, you can use the following 3 free tools and services to back your tweets and archive them. Some of these services also allow a backup of account settings, friends lists etc.

1. BackupMyTweets

A free service that lets you backup your tweets in a single click. Just login with your Twitter account and this site will do rest of the work. As soon as you sign up with BackupMyTweets, they’ll backup your existing tweets and check every day for new ones.

2. TweetAke

Tweetake is here to allow you to back-up your followers, people you are following and Tweets with just one click. Tweetake doesn’t currently back up your list of friends (or followers), it backs up their tweets.

3. TweetBackup

Allows you to take backup of all your Twitter posts (tweets) and a list with your friends (the people you follow).

So which service do you use to backup your tweets? We all would like to know. Drop a comment below.


  • Homer says:

    I don’t get the point of backing up tweets. Why would old tweets matter?

    Also, you have a small spelling mistake. You wrote ‘ans’ instead of ‘and’. You also wrote in the second paragraph 5 free tools. (This is exactly left to the above spelling mistake).

    • Karan Goel says:

       Hi Homer

      Thanks or pointing the typos. I fixed those.

      And you would want to backup the tweets for many reasons. Maybe you tweet lots of good stuff, like quotes, and you want to keep those for offline viewing as well.

      Or you own an account like @Shitmydadsays:twitter , and come up with an idea to compile your tweets into a book. In that case, all you need to do is backup the tweets and format it as required.


      • Homer says:

        That’s actually a very clever idea.
        Very good example.

        Also, i suggest you install a good spellchecker. Take it slowly with the typing and re-read comments/articles that you post from now on.

      • Karan Goel says:

         Actually, I do have “After the Deadline” installed, but it doesn’t seem to catch all the errors..

      • Homer says:

        Oh.. never heard of After The Deadline. I’ll check it out. I never had any problems with firefox spellcheckers. However after changing to chrome, the spellchecker seems to be missing some english words. I take them to google search and it returns it as a valid english word written in all

        That could be your next blog post. Spellcheckers.

      • Karan Goel says:

        Hmm.. I noted that. Will research and post about it if I find many, very nice tools and addons..

  • Lewisoboy007 says:

    Really Good Idea, But, For A Personal Use, I Don’t See The Point :)

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