Awkward Samsung Ad: Apparently Samsung Thinks You Don’t Want an iPhone 6S

Awkward Samsung Ad: Apparently Samsung Thinks You Don't Want an iPhone 6S
Photo from Twitter/Inquisitr

An awkward Samsung ad has apparently been telling users that it’s actually an S6 that they want— not an iPhone 6S.

When users search for iPhone 6S on Google, a Samsung ad pops up on top of the search results, which says “Awkward You Obviously Mean S6 –”

Samsung apparently knows that it’s the Samsung Galaxy S6 that you want, and not the iPhone 6S that you originally intended to search for.

According to 9to5Mac, Samsung appears to have been riding the iPhone 6S’ seemingly raging popularity on Google search, where users who are looking for any news regarding the anticipated smartphone release from Apple end up seeing Samsung’s ad for its S6 instead.

But the the awkward Samsung ad doesn’t seem to appear on the search results at all times.

The Galaxy S6 advertisement is a paid placement, as captured and first posted by a user on Imgur, where the link of the ad is seen being preceded by a yellow box with the word ‘Ad’ on it.

The ads for Samsung Galaxy’s S6 seemed to have started appearing on Google search ad queries for iPhone 6S Tuesday.

Some eager iPhone enthusiasts took it to the social media to tell of the “awkward” experience they encountered with the Samsung Galaxy S6 ad.

Some of them told:

So, erm. This is awkward. #IPhone6s

— Matt Jordan (@Matt_J_Holler) April 29, 2015

On Reddit, a user that goes by the name jon_reed uploaded a screenshot of his “awkward” experience, which he captioned:

“Nice try Samsung.”

“Awkward You Obviously Mean S6 –”

iPhone fans are already scouring the internet for any news of the highly anticipated next generation of iPhones, which many believe will be called iPhone 6S— which is in line with Apple’s habit of putting an S to the names of the models released following the all-vamped up models that precedes them.

According to CNET, however, there is still no concrete evidence of the highly-coveted next generation of iPhones existence at the moment. Some speculators suggest that the unexpected success brought about by Apple’s iPhone 6 might cause its makers to delay the production, and therefore the release, of the next-generation iPhones.

Apple recently revealed that it sold over 61 million iPhones during the first quarter of this year, just slightly down from the record 74 million units it sold during the holiday rush last year.

Meanwhile, Samsung remained mum on its “awkward” advertisement issue, but we can see them with a smirk on their faces.


  • Kamenwriter says:

    This is all in the manner of marketing. But this time of reaction to a search could bother people who are looking for information on an iphone. It is a nice gesture of placing the ad there. I would just laugh at and then say “Ok, now where is the information about the iphone”. Cute, but that could be a little ignoring.

  • troutski says:

    That’s a pretty amusing marketing ploy, though I doubt most people even noticed it, if it did appear for them. I ignore the paid and sponsored ads to the point where I don’t even read them. It’s a clever move from Samsung, but someone that wants to know about the iPhone 6S (or 7, or whatever it’ll be called) is more than likely going to purchase exactly that rather than opting for a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

  • applemusician says:

    I think most people got a chuckle out of the ad, but I doubt it did anything to sway the opinions of potential buyers. If anything, the ad feels like an April Fool’s joke or something. Hopefully this isn’t the best Samsung’s marketing department can muster.

  • Diane Lane says:

    I’m not a fan of deceptive marketing, and, although this isn’t exactly deceptive, is definitely awkward. I thought Samsung was better than this, and had a strong enough product to not need to attempt to steal Apple customers. I’m sure the creator thought it was clever, but it seems desperate to me.

  • oraclemay says:

    I have to agree, I also find it amusing. It may have been deceptive, who knows!

  • xSentaru says:

    Yep, awkward indeed. Maybe they really meant it, maybe they didn’t, I still had a good chuckle on it, haha.

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