Your Favorite Console Games May Soon be Available on Your Smartphones

Your Favorite Console Games May Soon be Available on Your Smartphones
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Let’s face it. Sometimes the only thing that’s keeping us home are the games we play on our gaming consoles. Despite the fact that many people are now able to live on their smartphones and tablets alone, gaming consoles like Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox are still popular because they offer plenty of addictive games that aren’t really readily available on our smartphones to play.

But that might change sooner than we think.

Square Enix, the game publisher behind Final Fantasy, is now testing the waters by bringing their AAA console games to mobile phones. While the main reason why game publishers have not really done this before is the fact that these console games come in really huge file sizes that would never fit in a regular smartphone’s memory; Square Enix has made this possible by letting the game run in cloud servers and then streaming them onto the gamer’s mobile phone.

And these games are available to play on Android and iOS devices NOW, as we speak (or write).

The games are delivered to a mobile user’s smartphone via an app that’s relatively tiny in size. Square Enix’s downloadable app is less than 20MB in size. This app will, in turn, stream the entire game from the game-maker’s G-Cluster servers, onto the mobile device as a video. Now any gamer would now that complications start when the controls that gamers are actually used to on the physical gaming console are changed as the game is transitioned to a smartphone gaming app. Since these games were built specifically for gaming consoles, the controls were customized according to Playstation and Xbox controllers. So Square Enix had to come up with something smart. In order to accommodate the game’s controls, the game developers had to surround the smartphone’s screens with large touch targets intended to match up with most of the buttons on the physical gaming console’s actual controllers.

We mentioned earlier that the games are now available for smartphone users to play. As of now, however, Square Enix’s offer is only available in Japan where games can be played for free during the first 30 minutes. After this demo period, gamers are required to pay up to 2,000 yen, or about $15.99 to continue playing. In order to play these streaming games, however, users are required to have an internet connection capable of downloading at speeds above 3 MB/s.

Speculators believe that Sony might soon follow suit, as the company has already made it possible for Sony Playstation 3 gamers to stream their games from the cloud to some of their Sony gadgets, including their Xperia mobile phones.


  • blackcanary says:

    I can definitely understand why game companies are looking to expand to smartphones. Essentially everyone has one and it would introduce a lot of new players to their games, people who aren’t particularly interested in gaming consoles. Having to have a good connection as well is a bit of a pain, I understand why they have to do it but I would much rather just game on a console. I assume that the controls wouldn’t be the best either on a tiny touch screen.

    It’s definitely an interesting idea and Final Fantasy I think is a great game to test it out with considering they’ve been making mobile versions of Final Fantasy for awhile now. It’ll be interesting to see if it does catch on especially with Sony like you mentioned and Nintendo looking into making mobile games too.

  • TommyVercetti says:

    I’ve played a LOT of console games on my phone since 2010. There are a lot of surprisingly good emulator apps out there that can run older and relatively newer PS2 titles. I’ve played FF6 through 9 on my phone- also Resident Evil and Marvel vs Capcom series.

  • silverborn says:

    Well I can’t see this getting popular because of the dependence on your internet connection.
    I can’t see why wouldn’t they just let us download them on mobiles. Internal memory storage is as high as 128gb these days and current gen mobile phones are literally computers now adays. They can emulate PSP and PS1 so why not port some of the games to mobiles?

  • xSentaru says:

    As mobile phone gaming is rising, I can see old classics being reborn. The FF series have been my favorite, getting to play FF on my phone would make me feel like a kid again. I might get the same feeling that I got when I’ve first played on a console, but nothing’s guaranteed, haha.

  • Viiri says:

    This is good news and bad news to me. The good news is that mobile gamers (not me) get games that have been gimped to run on mobile devices and the controls have been simplified. The bad news is, that consoles are holding game graphics back. It’s already a huge problem, but now that even phones might be doing that, might as well get me a NES to enjoy the top of the line graphics.

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