Turn Any TV into a PC with Google’s Candy Bar-Sized Chromebit

Turn Any TV into a PC with Google's Candy Bar-Sized Chromebit
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The future is here.

For those who opted to purchase a non-smart TV and lived to regret it afterwards— it turns out you may have made the right decision, after all.

A new ground-breaking technology has recently been unveiled by Google in the form of Chromebit— a plug ‘n play device that’s smaller than the size of your average candy bar— and it’s VERY affordable.

With Google’s Chromebit, virtually any television set can be turned into a fully-functioning PC.

Any household TV may serve as a fully-functioning computer monitor, with the Chromebit plugged in on it. Both the keyboard and the mouse will be wirelessly connected to the makeshift PC via bluetooth.

No hassle.

According to Google:

“Smaller than a candy bar, the Chromebit is a full computer that will be available for less than $100.

“By simply plugging this device into any display, you can turn it into a computer.

“It’s the perfect upgrade for an existing desktop and will be really useful for schools and businesses.”

Chromebit is equipped with an HDMI port at one of its ends, which is capable of swiveling around to allow users the ability to seamlessly plug in the device on any TV’s HDMI port. The microcomputer resembles closely a conventional USB memory stick, except that it’s a little larger in size.

As for Chromebit’s hardware, it is equipped with a Rockchip 3288 SoC processor, a standard 2GB of RAM, eMMC memory of 16GB, a WiFi 802.11 ac support, a USB 2.0 port, as well as a Bluetooth 4.0.

Chromebit also boasts of an ARM Mali 760 quad-core GPU, and a Smart Ready controller.

As for the software, Google’s new baby runs on Chrome OS.

It’s everything an average computer user needs, plus more.

In related news, Google is also set to release the cheapest line so far of its Chromebook laptops, where two of its models are expected to sell at only under $149 each.

The latest move by Google is said to be in response to Microsoft’s new affordable line of laptops— which the company launched in an effort to reach students as well as budget-conscious and low-income families.

The campaign for more affordable devices was started by Google itself, and the company says it is glad that Microsoft jumped in on the bandwagon. According to Google’s Caesar Sengupta, VP of product management for Chromebooks:

“We cannot be happier that Microsoft is helping drive down the prices of PCs.

“If Microsoft is reacting to (Chromebook’s low prices), that’s fantastic. We love it.”


  • xcredence says:

    I am so looking forward to these Chromebits. I have a feeling they will be super useful and handy to me, especially seeing as how I can take it with me to my university and just plug it straight into any monitor.

  • oraclemay says:

    Wow I love it! I am sure many are going to benefit from this worldwide. It is also good to hear about the launch of cheaper laptops. This news comes at a time where everything seems to be increasing in price. It is time that the price of gadgets drastically decreases.

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