Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (with pictures): Sexiness is Costly

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the best-looking handset ever manufactured in the house of Samsung. The wraparound screen transforms itself into a stunning smartphone that comes with beauty as well as brains.

Samsung critics should probably take take note that the Galaxy S6 Edge does not support swappable batteries and lacks any kind of expandable storage.

However, apart from these two negatives, the phone is sure to take down Apple’s iPhone 6 as well as any other Android competition.

The 5.1-inch smartphone comes with rounded glass on two sides and feels aggressively slim with a surprisingly solid grip. It looks palpably modern as well as chic.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Pictures

The sidebar, also dubbed as the Edge display, is a specialized communications hub. It is useful for viewing notifications of missed calls, texts, email, and app activity. These can be customized from the settings.

US and Australian carriers have not yet announced the prices, but it is expected to follow the footsteps of last year’s Galaxy Note Edge. It will probably be priced higher than the base S6 model.

In the United Kingdom the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB is priced at £720 where as the Galaxy S6 comes in at £600; a 20 percent price increase from the base model. Why not? People will surely pay for the sexy design.

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