Make Real Money Blogging – 7 Sites That Pay You To Blog

Writing paid posts, also called Sponsored Posts, is by-far the most straight-forward way to monetize your blog. After reaching a mutual agreement with the advertiser, you write for them, they pay you. To simplify the process a bit more, a middle-man company may be involved that provides a marketplace for advertisers and bloggers to meet. In such cases, the middle-man company also takes it’s cut.

paid to blog

If you want to get started with, or expand, paid blogging here’s a list of web services that pay you to blog.

1. Sponsored Reviews

paid to blog

Earn cash by writing honest reviews about our advertiser’s products and services. Write reviews in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience’s interest.

2. Link Post

Unlike some other services, Link Post pays their Partners up to 70% for each LinkPost written. Access to thousands of advertisers hungry for reviews. A variety of payment options. Receive payouts monthly by check, PayPal, direct deposit, or Wire. Automated advertising management. An easy way to sell paid blog posts.

3. Review Me

paid to blog

Get paid $20 – $200 to review products and services on your site. You control what you review.

4. Shvoong

paid to blog

The more abstracts you post at Shvoong, the more chances you have to attract readers. Create link to your abstract elsewhere (on blogs, forums, your personal homepage, or other sites). Spread the word by joining their “Invite a friend” and/or “Affiliates” programs, and earn bonuses equivalent to the invite members’ royalties, upto $100 for every new writer.

5. PayPerPost

paid to blog is an online marketplace that connects you directly with advertisers who will pay you to write blog posts about their products, services and websites on your own blog. Advertisers offer you “Opportunities” and you have the option of accepting, declining or negotiating with them. Think of it like eBay for sponsored blog posts.

6. Blogsvertise

paid to blog

Once approved, your blog goes into the assignment queue. The blogsvertise administrator then assigns writing tasks for what our advertisers want you to mention in your blog.

7. Blog To Profit

paid to blog

We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!


Do you write sponsored posts? If yes, which middle-man company do you use? Suggest it to us in the comments and we’ll add it to this list.


  • Laurie DesAutels says:

    Great information!

  • Mayuresh says:

    Good . But are there any requirements , to be able to join them ?

  • TinVanMan says:

    I have been traveling for many years now and trying to find ways to supplement my income online. These sites look like great opportunities. I am an TEFL teacher with pretty solid writing chops so this is right up my alley. If anyone knows of any other opportunities, please share. Thanks!

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