Top 10 (+1) Songs To Pump Up and Get Shit Done

Most of my time is spent working on my school work and sporadic coding projects. It’s utterly important for me to be focused when I work to get the most done. While I work, I listen to a specific type of music – positive, energetic music – that pumps me up and motivates me to get shit (extra emphasis implied) done!

I won’t bore you with the research done for proving that music does improve productivity, but take my word for it – it works! Here are the top 10 songs that help me work better! If you have your recommendations, post them in comments and I’ll add them in the post.

Mulan – Make a Man Out of You


Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now


Rage Against The Machine: Killing In The Name


Eminem – Till I Collapse


Justice – D.A.N.C.E.


Outkast – Bombs over Baghdad


Pantera – Walk


Kanye West – POWER


Darude – Sandstorm


Foo Fighters – All My Life


BONUS: Hans Zimmer – Batman The Dark Knight Theme


Source: Reddit

  • Alexis Lopez

    Did you seriously just completely rip off a top thread in Askreddit mere hours after it posted, and pass this off as your own?


    Here’s the rest of the list if anyone is interested.

    • Karan Goel

      You probably missed the last link in the post which links to the thread.

      • Alexis Lopez

        That’s is definitely something that was added *after* I commented, since I specifically went out of my way to look for a source on this page. Good job on the edit.

      • Karan Goel

        Or, maybe you just missed it?

    • G4Guy

      I was here before your comment, and can confirm the source link was there.

  • Tushar Rajput

    In Motion – Social Network OST.