3 Best Poker Games That Don’t Require Real Money [iPhone]

One of the most popular card games in the USA is Texas Hold’em. Just like any other game, it has its own digital versions as well – what is better than an iPhone to play poker games; it’s always connected giving the ability to play with real people (with fake money).

Below is a list of some of the best poker games for the iPhone. Place your bets and battle to win!

But first, learn the game

Before we jump on to the apps, it’s really important that you know how to play the poker. Everyone starts from the beginner level, and the best resource I found for absolute beginners to learn to play poker was Party Poker.

The site has well-organized sections that start with listing the basic rules of the game, followed by the terminology and briefing the process of gameplay.

The best part? They offer free video tutorials along with text-based guides.

Now, to the games…

Texas Poker

iphone poker games


* Absolutely free to play
* Play anywhere, anytime
* Thousands of players online daily
* Easy-to-use, attractive interface: one tap call, raise, check, fold
* Invite your friends to join you via E-mail, Twitter and Facebook
* Chat with others, buy gifts, earn achievements
* Buy chips easily right in the app
* In app tutorial

Zynga Poker

iphone poker games

There’s always a table waiting for you in this exciting Texas Hold ‘em Poker game. Choose from a 5 or 9 person poker table or jump right into a tournament! Easy for beginners to learn and tough for competitive poker players to put down!

MegaPoker Online

iphone poker games


* CHAT with your friends and family around the world in any international languages (General > Keyboard Setting).
* Provides three different types of Hold’Em games: No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Fixed-Limit.
* Supports up to 10 players per table.
* Maintains ratings and levels to help you improve your game.
* Lets you manage your account or change settings during the game.
* Allows you to add your money while in game (when fold or sit out).

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