7 Most Amazing iPhone 5 Concepts I Wish Were Real

Every year, speculations about the new iPhone start doing rounds of the Internet. But amidst all the rumors and hypes, two things we know for sure: the iPhone 5 will be the best iPhone yet, and iPhone 5 will be launched some time this year (hopefully this Fall). But what will the new iPhone look like? That’s the million dollar question for now.

Designers, companies and individuals want to bank upon the iPhone 5 hype by guessing what the new iPhone will be like. There have been tens of “leaked” images of the iPhone boasting features that may not be humanly possible.

Here are the 7 most amazing and different iPhone 5 concepts that I wish were real. These concepts have a funky design and amass loads of awesome features..

Let me know which ones you like in the comments below.

The Transparent iPhone 5

Okay so yeah, I can buy the super thin body thing, but not the transparent screen thing. Where will the battery and other components go?

The video, since June 12, 2012, has amassed over 5 million views, and many people actually believe that it’s the real iPhone 5.

Liquidmetal iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Concepts


The talks of the Liquidmetal iPhone 5 are here to stay: it’s an eye-candy with specifications hard to resist. The concepts have been designed by Jon Fawcett, and the slick design makes anyone yearn to own one of these.

iPhone 5 With Teardrop Design

iPhone 5 Concepts

German site giga.de has created a physical mockup of the iPhone 5. The prototype created incorporates the teardrop design, an oval home button and a larger 4-inch screen.

Ciccarese’s Curved iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Concepts

Ciccarese’s vision of the iPhone 5 predicts a curved back, which looks quite similar to Apple’s Magic Mouse.

TechnoBuffalo’s Mockup

iPhone 5 Concepts

TechnoBuffalo has come up with mockups and renders of the iPhone 5 based on leaked renders and schematics. The design looks quite similar to the previous 2 iPhones except it’s only a bit larger.

Nowhere Else’s iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Concepts

The talented French artists at Nowhere Else have come up with an their own vision of the iPhone 5, and an accompanying infographic rounding up all the speculations and rumors of the phone.

Antonello Falcon’s iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Concepts

Called the “Size Zero iPhone 5”, this design by Antonello Falcon features a 4.6-inch display with curved glass edges, in a thin (8.4mm), yet longer form factor and a soft touch home button.


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