#IndiaBlock – Isac Leaks Confidential List of Sites To Be Blocked [News]

In the latest development on the IndiaBlock issue, the independent hacktivist group Anonymous tweeted a list of websites and URLs that are to be blocked given by the government to the different ISP’s. The list has been leaked by an individual named “Isac”.

Along with the list of websites, screenshots showing the hacked servers of Reliance Big Entertainment were also shared.


The group also released a new video message regarding Operation India. A few important excerpts from the video message:

The Government has imposed IT Act of 2008, which allows it to censor the internet as it seems fit.
None other than Department of Telecommunications and Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr. Kapil Sibal need to be blamed .
The Government is in process forming a more stringent rules which will curb freedom for the social media.
Due to this we are protesting against Government’s rampant behaviour. We will not tolerate this.

In our actions, we have disabled websites of many Governement related agencies, polical parties and corporate companies.
We will keep on retaliating with new targets and attacking other websites, till the censorship over internet is not ceased.

If you haven’t taken notice, YET, Government has blocked several websites using the John Doe order.

Operation India is ON.

As of writing this post, Anonymous had DDoS’ed numerous Government and private websites in protest of the block. The list includes the Supreme Court website, President of India website, CERT-in website, Reliance Big Entertainment website, Parliament of India website etc. No permanent damage has been done to any websites.

The group has denied taking down media websites because of their not giving enough attention to the issue. They added they won’t hard media websites unless it is confirmed that they might be controlled by the government.

To know more about Anonymous, please see the graphic below.

who is anonymous

Further, I would like to add and repeat that I fully support Anonymous on the issue. Controlling and censoring flow of information in a democracy is not healthy.

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