.Pirate Domains Now Available… For FREE!

The .Pirate TLD is a domain space that was born out of the frustration of world governments attempting to dictate what a person can and cannot have on their websites.

It’s not just the United States; Libya and a few Middle Eastern countries have imposed censorship on their TLDs as well. What’s worse, they do not give you any warning and just decide one day “we don’t like this site, off”. Not understanding that it doesn’t remove the website’s contents and removes the ability for the website to have a fair trial in court.


.Pirate domains can be registered for free at dotpirate.me. The man behind the dotPirate project is Travis McCrea, Deputy Leader of the Canadian Pirate Party.

To prevent abuse, some of the more popular domains have already been reserved. As an extra bonus, people using blockaid.me for their DNS will already be able to access .pirate domains – they added support for OpenNIC over the weekend.

For those using OpenDNS, the provider announced a new service for Windows users last week. DNSCrypt, previously only available for Mac OSX and Linux, is a technology that encrypts all DNS traffic between an Internet user and the OpenDNS service. It can be downloaded here.


  • Jash says:

    Thank you 😀
    Awesome stuff. Gonna re-blog this !

  • Lewisoboy007 says:

    Why Would You Want .Pirate At The End Of Your Domain Instead Of .com etc?

  • Pvt_tracy says:

    I can see why they would block some domains, but to block all they do is starting to get out of hand. At the rate they are going they will soon only have an internet just for kids. I guess it just won’t gt any better any time soon though.

    • Karan Goel says:

      Actually, governments all across are planning to control the Internet, and hence our speech. Indian govt proposed this at a recent UN meeting. If anything like this happens, freedom will die, and we’ll be slaves to those greedy “leaders”.

  • Flux says:

    This is pretty cool, I’m gonna register for one now, I like to have all the domains for my site so I can brand it.

  • TinVanMan says:

    I for one am happy to see the world being more connected in a way that doesn’t require governments. I think this is the way that we can really learn about each other and have an open and honest dialog about serious issues. As an American in my thirties, I have seen the laws change in a direction that I think undermines much of what my country is capable of on a global scale.

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