8 Websites to Buy or Rent College Textbooks For Extremely Low Prices

So I’m attending University of Washington starting this Fall. Among many other problems, one is finding textbooks for courses at a reasonable price. Books for some courses may set you back by as high as $250 (per book). A little too high, isn’t it? On an average, textbooks for undergraduate study of four years can cost as much as $5000.

Unlike other personal expenditures, there’s no real way to cut expenses on books. If it’s needed, you have to get it. As with everything else, Internet can be real rescue to find college books for extremely low prices.

Below are 8 websites to find, buy, sell, trade or rent your textbook. Let me know in the comments which one you use.

Amazon Textbooks

buy college books online

Save up to 90% on used textbooks and up to 30% on new textbooks, then get up to 70% back when you sell textbooks back at Amazon.


buy college books online

At Chegg, students can rent textbooks, as well as buy both new and used textbooks. Chegg also lets you sell textbooks directly to them, and get paid top dollar for your books. In addition to textbook rentals and selling textbooks, Chegg now offers course reviews and grade distributions as well as homework help for all your courses.

Barnes & Noble

buy college books online

B&N online sells both new and old books. You can also rent books and save as much as 70%.


buy college books online

Textbooks.com makes it easy to save money on the college textbooks, used textbooks, and cheap textbooks you need. They have the most used college textbooks on the planet, the largest selection of etextbooks, and the most college textbooks online. Get cash for textbooks when you sell textbooks through their textbook buyback program.

Campus Book Rentals

buy college books online

CampusBookRentals.com began renting textbooks in August of 2007. Every rental comes with a worry free guarantee within the first 30 days of your order if you drop your class or change your mind, you keep more cash in your pocket up front, you can order from the comfort of your home or office, it doesn’t cost a penny to return your rented textbooks when you’re done with them (they even provide the package), and you don’t have to worry about disappointing buyback prices at the end of the semester.


buy college books online

SlugBooks is my favorite tool to find textbooks. Simply enter your college’s name, select the department and the course, and SlugBooks will compare prices of the books – new, old, rental – from various online book stores.


buy college books online

You can save up to 90% when you buy or rent textbooks direct from Textbook Recycling. And you can make sure you always get the best deal by comparing prices from across the web on new and used textbooks, textbook rentals, and etextbooks.

Half.com Textbooks

buy college books online

Half.com is an eBay company. It sells new and used textbooks and rent some books. On some textbooks, you can save as much as 99%.


  • Aaron Gupta says:

    Nice post. I’m also going to UW this fall. Haha I saw your post in the group and clicked your profile and ended up here. :)

  • The Student Wallet says:

    Nice list of sites to buy textbooks from! You should also read The Textbook Buying Guide at http://www.thestudentwallet.com/textbooks . It has many tips on how to save money buying textbooks, like buying old editions, buying international editions, buying from ther students. etc. It’s a great resource to save money on textbooks.

  • Tony says:

    I have always gone to collegebookrenter com for my textbooks. I have a choice between buying or renting and I always go with renting because it is much cheaper than buying. They should be added to the list of sites to investigate when looking for textbooks to rent.

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