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You remember my post listing services to backup and archive you tweets, now don’t you? If you missed it, read it here. If you’d want to get more about of your backups, check out The web app lets you create a diary like PDF ebook of tweets. is a free web app that helps you save your tweets in the form of a PDF, aka tweetbook. Tweets are ordered chronologically, oldest first, giving it a diary like feel. As of now Twitter has a limit of 3200, which means that you can only access your latest 3200 tweets. Hence, tweetbook will, at most create a tweetbook of your latest 3200 tweets.

Every book you generate will contain advertisements which, according to the developer, is justified as “Advertisements help us pay bills and keep this service free for you to use.”

Check out the book created for @MashGeek.

User Interface

book of tweets

Honestly, there’s nothing ground-breaking about the design of the web app. It’s pretty simple, but does what it has to. If you can bear a two-color basic web design, then you can’t hate TweetBook.

Generating a book

book of tweets

This is as easy as clicking on just 1 button. Yes, just 1 button, and you are good to go.

First, you need to sign in with your twitter account and authorize the app. Then you can either create a backup of all your tweets (3200 most recent), or select date ranges. Tweets between these dates will be included in the tweetbook. You can also backup just your favourite tweets.

Then click on “Create Tweetbook” button, and give the app some time to do its work. Here’s what my book looks like.

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