As Expected, Tidal Now on Its Deathbed

As Expected, Tidal Now on Its Deathbed
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Or nearly there.

In just under a month since the time it was officially launched, Jay-Z’s brainchild and beloved app, Tidal, now looks like its nearing its dying days.

The app was launched by some of music’s biggest names just last month in an effort to kill off the world-dominating music streaming app, Spotify, which music artists have long accused of giving unjust compensation.

Music’s biggest names like Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys all rallied behind Tidal in an attempt to gain what they believe is rightfully theirs— a huge chunk of the earnings from the music streaming industry.

But music fans weren’t pleased by the move made by the music industry’s biggest stars, mainly because Tidal is asking for more than consumers are willing to give. Tidal’s music streaming services do not come free nor cheap, and the fans felt that the multi-millionaire music stars behind Tidal don’t really need more money handed out to them.

It can be recalled that the revolution against Spotify was started by Taylor Swift, who took a swing against the most popular music streaming app for purportedly not paying her the amount that she deserved for her songs, which she later pulled from the app.

Just last week, reports surfaced that Apple’s Beats— also a music streaming app— was trying to broker an exclusive deal with Swift and other musical artists, apparently also in an attempt to steal the limelight from Spotify.

But it looks like Spotify is going to survive the revolution that the very artists behind the music it offers have waged against it.

Although Tidal initially made it to Apple’s top 20 most downloaded apps chart when it was first launched, the app slid down to the top 700 merely weeks after.

In fact, the war Tidal waged against Spotify seems to have backfired, as the latter appears to have climbed back up to the top 10 most downloaded apps shortly after the former was launched.

Some music fans were particularly blunt about the apparent greed of the music artists behind Tidal, saying that they will not be fooled into giving more money to the music stars so they could make music bragging about their money to their audience.

On the other hand, others, like BGR, believe that Tidal’s use of the likes of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj for its poster girls was a major factor in the app’s apparent failure. Many don’t feel the need to give these girls more money, it seems.


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